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Yei River State is one of the 28 states of South Sudan. Yei River State was formed following the split up It is located in the Equatoria region and it borders Maridi and Amadi to the north, Jubek to the northeast, and Imatong to the east.[3] Yei River State, along with Jubek State and Terekeka State was part of the former state of Central Equatoria. The capital and largest city of Yei River State is Yei, South Sudan, with the city having an estimated population of 260,720 in 2014.[4]

Yei River State
Location of Yei River State in South Sudan
Location of Yei River State in South Sudan
CountrySouth Sudan
Number of Counties10[2]
 • GovernorDavid Lokonga Moses
 (2014 Estimate)
 • Total788,610



On 2 October 2015, President Salva Kiir issued a decree establishing 28 states in place of the 10 constitutionally established states.[5] The decree established the new states largely along ethnic lines. A number of opposition parties and civil society groups challenged the constitutionality of the decree. Kiir later resolved to take it to parliament for approval as a constitutional amendment.[6] In November the South Sudanese parliament empowered President Kiir to create new states.[7]

David Lokonga Moses was appointed Governor on 24 December.[8] In November, the Deputy Governor of Yei River State and a colonel in the army, Augustino Kiri Gwolo, died of Yellow Fever in Juba.[9]


Administrative divisionsEdit

The state consists of 10 counties. The counties are ŋepo County (note the velar nasal at the front), Kindi County, Otogo County, Tore County, Wuji County, Yei River County, Morobo County, Kajo-Keji County, Kupera County, and Lainya County.[2]

Towns and citiesEdit

Yei is the most populous town in Yei River State, with an estimated population of over 260,000 in 2014. The city of Yei is located in Yei River County. Other populated towns in Yei River State include Dimo (located on the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo), Kajo Keji, and Kaya.[8] Kajo Keji is the second most populous city in the state, with an estimated population of 196,000 in 2010.[10]


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