Yazid II of Shirvan

Yazid ibn Ahmad or Yazid II was the tenth independent Shah of Shirvan.[1]

Yazid II
Shah of Shirvan
Silver dirhams of Shirvanshah II Yazid.jpg
Silver dirhams of II Yazid. Museum of History of Azerbaijan, Baku
ReignJune, 991 – November, 1027
PredecessorMuhammad IV
SuccessorManuchihr I
DiedNovember 1027
IssueManuchihr I
Prince Anushirvan
Ali II
Ahmad ibn Yazid
Mamlan ibn Yazid
HouseHouse of Shirvanshah


Yazid replaced his brother Muhammad IV. His reign is notable because of Persianization of culture that took place. He continued the expansionist policy of his brother and attacked Gyurzul castle in 999, defeating its Hunnic[2] ruler Abd-ul Barr Anbasah like his brother did before. He made several attempts to invade Derbent but was never successful. He was succeeded by his first son Manuchihr I.


Yazid II had several children. The most notable are:

  1. Manuchihr I - Became shah in 1027.
  2. Prince Anushirvan - Rebelled.
  3. Ali II - Became shah in 1034.
  4. Qubad - Became shah in 1043.
  5. Shamkuya - married to the Hashimid ruler Abd al-Malik ibn Mansur in December 1035.
  6. Ahmad ibn Yazid - never ruled. Father of Ali III
  7. Sallar - deposed Ali III in 1050.
  8. Mamlan ibn Yazid - never ruled. Executed by Shirvanshah Fariburz I.

Rebellion of AnushirvanEdit

While his father was in Gyurzul castle, Prince Anushirvan decided to revolt against his father in capital Shamakhi. Citizens at first supported him but then turned against Prince and called the Shah back to the city. Prince decided to retreat to Gulustan castle but was killed as he fled.


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Yazid II of Shirvan
Born: ? Died: 1027
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Muhammad IV
Succeeded by
Manuchihr I