Yates Polytechnic Institute

The Yates Polytechnic Institute was founded in 1824 by John B. Yates in the village of Chittenango, New York, United States.[1][2] The large building in which the institution was located was constructed in 1814 as a tavern before it was purchased by Yates. The institution considered itself to be one of the earliest manual labor schools in the nation. The school was organized as follows: Rev. Andrew Yates, principal; Rev. David A. Sherman, professor of philology and ancient languages; Benjamin F. Joslin, professor of natural science; Jonathan Ely, professor of practical agriculture and natural science; Stephen Alexander, professor of natural philosophy and mathematics.[3]

Yates, who bore the titles of judge, lawyer, state assemblyman, congressman, and who was also the owner and investor of many local enterprises including flour mills, a lime and plaster mill, a woolen factory, stores, and dry dock and boat yards, founded the Yates Polytechnic Institute after a long time of entertaining the idea of starting a school of practical instruction.[4] His brother, Andrew Yates, who at the time was a professor at Union College, left his position and became president of the Yates Polytechnic Institute.[5]


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