Yassin Sirri Hall

Yassin (Sirri) Hall (born December 6, 1970) is an American author, investor, mental health advocate,[1] philanthropist,[2] CEO of two companies,[3][4] and self-made millionaire.[5] Hall is a divorcee and lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with a daughter and three sons. One of them was shot early in his life and nearly died. She adopted her daughter and youngest child Yamisha from Cambodia. With her expertise and program Hall helped her generate a revenue of $1 million dollars through her business.[5][6][7]

Yassin Hall

Early life and educationEdit

Hall was born in Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. She was an only child. Hall graduated from Charlotte Amalie High School in 1988.[2] After attending the National Education Center for Arts, she earned a degree in computers and fashion.[7]



Hall began her working career as a teenager. She modeled, learned sewing from her grandmother, and worked at her uncle’s law firm after school.[4] [7] Hall manages multiple Amazon stores and owns an online clothing boutique.

Classroom Training Genesis Preparatory Middle School Youth

Hall shares her e-commerce expertise through her Built on Self-Motivation Success (B.O.S.S.) program. She supports children on their career path and teaches how to become an entrepreneur and teaches methods to profit from e-commerce to middle and high schoolers at Genesis Preparatory Academy.[6] She is also the founder of  the Milestone Mom’s Support Group.[4]

Hall has also partnered up with other nonprofit causes supporting women such as the Mother’s Pantry program, that was started by Ginger Moxey. Moxey is an elected Member of Parliament for the Pineridge constituency and Cabinet Minister for Grand Bahama.[8]

Mental health advocateEdit

Classroom Training

As a certified CIT & Mental Health First Aider, Hall teaches students who have learning disabilities being able to cope with technologies.[5][7]

In her role as a mental health advocate she appealed to the US government to make changes regarding mental health for the people.  In 2020 the government catered to her request. Governor Albert Bryan, Jr. announced to reorganize mental and behavioral health treatment under V.I. laws.[9]

Hall assisted in passing three major legislative bills. BILL No. 31-02799 – “The Department of Education shall cause all public-school counselors to be trained and certified in grief and stress counseling.” BILL No. 32-0084 and 32-0085 – “extending the time a person may be detailed involuntary for mental health treatment”; “mental health emergency commitments by extending the time a person may be detained for treatment.” She also serves as a presenter for NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness).[9][10]


Since 2021, Hall works directly with Carol Callwood, President of the St.Thomas - St.John Federation of Teachers ensuring that students received laptops to learn virtually during COVID-19.[2][5] She had made donations to hurricane victims and homeless women in different countries in the Caribbean.[8] Hall makes donations to the V.I. Cancer Society during Breast Cancer Awareness Month using her earnings. She also provided gowns to young women in need.[7]


As a daughter of a schizophrenic and bipolar disorder woman, Hall published her book, Journey Untold, My Mother's Struggle with Mental Illnesses. The book has become a part of the middle school reading curricula in Atlanta, Georgia.[9] Hall's books have remained the best seller on Amazon for five consecutive years. On November 18, 2017, her book Journey Untold "Twisted Love" My Mother's Struggle with Mental Illnesses won the Readers’ Favorite Silver Medal of Excellence in Writing Young Adult – Non-Fiction category at the International Book Awards Ceremony in Miami, Florida.[6][10]


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