Yanmar Stadion

Yanmar Stadion (formerly Mitsubishi Forkliftstadion and Almere City Stadion) is a multi-purpose stadium in Almere, Netherlands. The stadium primarily hosts association football matches and is the home ground of Almere City FC.[4] The stadium was built in 2005 with a capacity of 3,000 spectators. In January 2020, the club completed a new grandstand, increasing the capacity to 4,501.[5] The grandstand affords covered passages to the main club building, as well as to the new club offices which were completed in spring of 2020.[6]

Yanmar Stadion
Almere City FC Stadion.jpg
View of Yanmar Stadion in 2020
Former namesMitsubishi Forkliftstadion (2005–2013)
Almere City Stadion (2013–2015)
Yanmar Stadion (2015–present)
LocationCompetitieweg 20
1318 EA Almere
Coordinates52°23′40″N 5°14′26″E / 52.3944°N 5.2405°E / 52.3944; 5.2405Coordinates: 52°23′40″N 5°14′26″E / 52.3944°N 5.2405°E / 52.3944; 5.2405
OwnerAlmere City FC
Field size105 by 68 metres (114.8 yd × 74.4 yd)
Almere City FC

Once the stadium was used for American football.


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