Yang Zi (actress)

Yang Zi (Chinese:杨紫, born 6 November 1992), also known as Andy Yang, is a Chinese actress. She is regarded as one of the "Four Dan Actresses of the post-90s Generation" (90后四小花旦), along with Zheng Shuang, Zhou Dongyu and Guan Xiaotong.[1][2] Yang is noted for her roles in Home with Kids (2005), Battle of Changsha (2014), Ode to Joy (2016), Noble Aspirations (2016), Ashes of Love (2018) and Go Go Squid! (2019). Yang ranked 73rd on Forbes China Celebrity 100 list in 2017,[3] and 21st in 2019.[4]

Yang Zi
Yang Ni'ao (杨旎奥)

(1992-11-06) 6 November 1992 (age 27)
Fangshan, Beijing, China
Other namesAndy Yang
Alma materBeijing Film Academy
  • Actress
  • Singer
Years active1999–present
AgentH&R Century Pictures Co., Ltd
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese杨紫
Traditional Chinese楊紫

Early life and educationEdit

Yang was born and raised in Fangshan District, Beijing, where she was accepted to Beijing Film Academy.[5]


1999–2005: Beginnings and rise to prominenceEdit

In 1999, Yang made her acting debut in Ru Ci Chu Shan , playing Zhou Qiong.[6] In 2002, Yang had a minor role as little Consort Donggo in Xiaozhuang Epic.[7] In 2003, Yang made her big-screen debut in the youth romance film Girl's Diary, for which she received a Best Young actor nomination at the Tongniu Film Awards.[8]

In 2005, Yang rose to prominence for playing Xia Xue in the popular Chinese sitcom Home with Kids. The series reached number one in ratings when it aired in China, and won the Outstanding Television Series (for children) award at the Flying Apsaras Awards and the Golden Eagle Awards. Yang reprised her role as Xia Xue in the sequel Home with Kids 2, though not in the subsequent installments.[9] Yang released her first solo album titled Home with Snow, which is a named after her character's name in Home with Kids in 2008.[10]

2009–2013: Transition to teenage rolesEdit

In 2009, Yang played her first leading role in the youth romance drama Girl Rushes Forward.[11] She also performed the voice dub for the animation film Mo's Mischief: Teacher's Pet.[12]

In 2011, she starred in family drama Love Comes Knocking on the Door, based on the novel Stepmother by Geling Yan. Her role as a rebellious teenager allowed her to successfully shed her image of a "child star".[13][14]

In 2012, Yang starred in the medical drama Angel Heart, portraying a kind-hearted nurse.[15] The same year she starred in the horror mystery film Insisrence,[16] and won the Best Newcomer Award at the Golden Phoenix Awards.[17]

In 2013, Yang starred in romance drama Flowers in Fog, written by acclaimed writer Chiung Yao.[18] The same year she played the lead role in the period comedy drama King Rouge.[19]

In 2014, Yang starred in her first war drama Battle of Changsha, directed by Magnolia Award-winner Kong Sheng. The series was voted Best Drama of 2014 in major streaming website Douban after being broadcast on CCTV-8 beginning mid-July 2014.[20]

In 2015, Yang starred in period drama Yangko Dance, which received positive reviews and topped television ratings.[21] The same year, she co-starred in the horror mystery web series The Ferryman.[22]

2016–present: Rising popularity and breakthroughEdit

In 2016, Yang starred in the metropolitan romance drama Ode to Joy, which depicts the stories of five young women who comes from different social and educational backgrounds, but share a common goal. The series received critical acclaim and commercial success, and Yang gained widespread recognition for her portrayal of Qiu Yingying, a simple-minded girl from a small town.[23][24] Yang was nominated for the Best Actress award at the China TV Golden Eagle Award for her performance.[25] She then portrayed Lu Xueqi, one of the two female protagonists in the television series adaption of the Xianxia novel Zhu Xian.[26] The drama was a commercial success and accumulated 23 billion views online, the highest record held by a Chinese drama at that time.[27][28] Yang gained wider popularity as a result, and was nominated at the 22nd Huading Awards as Best Actress in the ancient drama category for her performance.[29] The same year, she co-starred with Oho Ou and Zhang Huiwen in Crying Out in Love, a film based on the romance novel Socrates in Love by Japanese novelist Kyoichi Katayama.[30] She reprised her role as Qiu Yingying in the second installment of Ode to Joy in 2017;[31] and also starred in the historical romance comedy drama Legend of Dragon Pearl.[32]

In 2018, Yang starred in the fantasy romance drama Ashes of Love, playing an innocent and lively fairy maiden.[33] The series is a commercial success, topping both television and web ratings; and received positive reviews.[34] Yang received acclaim for her acting, and experienced a new high in popularity.[35] The same year, Yang starred in The Destiny of White Snake, a fantasy romance drama based on the renowned Chinese folktale.[36] Yang's portrayal of the innocent and naive snake spirit; as well as her voice-dub for the character, received positive reviews.[37] Forbes China listed Yang under their 30 Under 30 Asia 2017 list which consisted of 30 influential people under 30 years old who have had a substantial effect in their fields.[38]

In 2019, Yang starred in the romantic comedy drama Go Go Squid!, playing a talented computer major who is also a popular online singer.[39][40] The drama topped television ratings in it timeslot, and has been streamed more than 9.6 million times, and was praised for its transmitting positive and uplifting messages such as the pursuit of dreams as well as patriotism.[41][42] The success of Go Go Squid reaffirmed Yang's popularity.[43] The same year, Yang featured in the disaster film The Bravest as the wife of a firefighter,[44] and won the Most Popular Supporting Actress award 16th Guangzhou Student Film Festival.[45] She then starred in the crime suspense film Bodies at Rest playing a forensics scientist,[46] and romance environmental drama My Mowgli Boy where she played a marketing executive.[47] Yang was awarded the iQiyi Goddess Award at the iQiyi All-Star Carnival,[48] and Weibo Queen at the Weibo Awards Ceremony.[49]

In 2020, Yang is set to star in the romance drama The Oath of Love, playing a violinist.[50] She is also set to star in the historical mystery drama The Golden Hairpin as a detective.[51]



Year English title Chinese title Role Notes/Ref.
2003 The Law of Romance 警察有约 Cameo
2004 Girl's Diary 女生日记 Ran Dongyang [8]
Lao Fei 老费 Xiao Lan
An Old Record 一张老唱片 Ding Yun
Dad Wants to Divorce 爸爸要离婚 Ji Ji
The Quiet Lady 少女穆然 He Lan
2007 The Last Fragrance 最后的芬芳 Duo Lun
2008 I Am a Fan 我是粉丝 Qiao Xiaoqiao
2009 Mo's Mischief: Teacher's Pet 淘气包马小跳 Ma Xiaotiao Voice-dubbed[12]
Ma-Mha 寻找狗托邦 Nan Qian Voice-dubbed[52]
2010 Boy and Girl 男生女生 Ran Dongyang [53]
Money Makes Trouble 小题大做 Shi Xiaotao [54]
Third Class Fifth Class 三班五班 Ran Dongyang
Death and Glory in Changde 喋血孤城 Tao Er [55]
2012 Mother's Call 妈妈的呼唤 Qiao Ni
Insisrence 守株人 Jia Jia [16]
2014 King Tea Storm 斗茶 Xie Xiaoxiang
2015 Where Are All The Time 时间都去哪了 Lin Yutong [56]
2016 Papa 洛杉矶捣蛋计划 Wang Nina [57]
Crying Out in Love 在世界中心呼唤爱 Xia Ye [30]
17 Bring Joy Home 17把乐带回家 Xia Ye Short film[58]
2017 Today, She Has Anticipation Too 这一天,她是有期待的 Qiu Yingying Short film
2018 A Paper Marriage 一纸婚约 Ling Ling [59]
The Eve 前夕 Xiao Liu Short film[60]
2019 The Bravest 烈火英雄 Wang Lu Cameo[44]
Bodies at Rest 沉默的证人 Qiao Lin [46]

Television seriesEdit

Year English title Chinese title Role Notes/Ref.
2001 Da Zhai Men 大宅门 girl selling apple Cameo
2002 The Party Member Ma Dajie 党员马大姐 Xiao Qiang
Ru Ci Chu Shan 如次出山 Zhou Qiong
Xiaozhuang Epic 孝庄秘史 Consort Donggo (young) [7]
2003 Young Kangxi 少年康熙 Bing Yue [61]
2004 Crime Scene 案发现场 Sun Hongyue Cameo
Jia Ting Dang An 家庭档案 Ji Ji
Yong Gan Mian Dui 勇敢面对 Lingzi
2005 Home with Kids 家有儿女 Xia Xue [9]
Girl's Diary 女生日记 Ran Dongyang [62]
Fate 缘分 Wei Sichen
2006 Home with Kids 2 家有儿女2 Xia Xue [9]
No Limit 无限生机 Ming Na
Not Easy to Grow Up 长大不容易 Shu Xin
2007 Warmth 温暖 Zhao Xuan
2008 Being Alive is Good 活着真好 Chen Huan
Treasure 珍宝 Bei La
2009 Girl Rushes Forward 女孩冲冲冲 Sun Quan [11]
Don't Want to Grow Up 不想长大 Teacher Jing [63]
Stage of Youth 青春舞台 Secretary Liu Cameo
Coming Home 回家 Zhou Youyou
Chun Zhen Sui Yue 纯真岁月 Mai Sidan [64]
2010 Boy's Diary 男生日记 Ran Dongyang [65]
Wu Cheng'en and Journey to the West 吴承恩与西游记 Ye Yun (young)
2011 Love Comes Knocking on the Door 幸福来敲门 Song Zheng [14]
2012 Angel Heart 心术 Zhang Xiaolei [15]
2013 King Rouge 胭脂霸王 Lei Er [19]
Dad Comes Home 老爸回家 Lin Ranran [66]
Flowers in Fog 花非花雾非雾 Bai Menghua [18]
2014 Battle of Changsha 战长沙 Hu Xiangxiang [20]
2015 Say No For Youth 天生要完美 An Xiaohui [67]
Yangko Dance 大秧歌 Wu Ruowen [21]
The Ferryman 灵魂摆渡 Su Wenxiu [22]
2016 Ode to Joy 欢乐颂 Qiu Yingying [23]
Perfect Wedding 大嫁风尚 Xia Ran [68]
Noble Aspirations 青云志 Lu Xueqi [26]
Noble Aspirations 2 青云志2 Lu Xueqi [69]
2017 Legend of Dragon Pearl 龙珠传奇 Li Yihuan [32]
Ode to Joy 2 欢乐颂2 Qiu Yingying [31]
2018 Women in Beijing 北京女子图鉴 Miao Miao Cameo
The Destiny of White Snake 天乩之白蛇传说 Bai Yaoyao [36]
Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Jin Mi [33]
2019 Go Go Squid! 亲爱的, 热爱的 Tong Nian [40]
My Mowgli Boy 我的莫格利男孩 Ling Xi [47]
2020 The Oath of Love 余生, 请多指教 Lin Zhixiao [50]
2021 The Golden Hairpin 青簪行 Huang Zixia [51]

Variety showEdit

Year English title Chinese title Role Notes/Ref.
2014 We Are Young 2 花样年华2 Cast member [70]
2015 Sisters Over Flowers 花样姐姐 [71]
2018 Give Me Five 2 高能少年团2 [72]
2019 Chinese Restaurant 3 中餐厅3 [73]



Year English title Chinese title Notes/Ref.
2008 Home With Snow 家有小雪 [10]


Year English title Chinese title Album Notes/Ref.
2009 "Grow a little everyday" 每天长大一点点 Don't Want to Grow Up OST
2010 "Living Happily" 乐活一下 Good to be Living OST with various singers[74]
2012 "The Quiet Rubble" 寂静的瓦砾 Insisrence OST
2013 "Blooming Rouge" 胭脂花开 King Rouge OST
2014 "I Will Remember You" 我会记得你 Battle of Changsha OST with Wallace Huo[75]
2016 "More Fragrant Than Flowers" 开的比花香 Ode to Joy OST [76]
"There Will Be Happiness Waiting for You" 总有幸福在等你 with Liu Tao, Jiang Xin, Wang Ziwen & Qiao Xin
"Just Like When We First Met" 若只如初见 Noble Aspirations 2 OST [77]
2017 "Kungfu Yoga" 功夫瑜伽 Kung Fu Yoga OST with Jackie Chan & Zhang Yishan[78]
"Earthworm" 蚯蚓 Ode to Joy 2 OST [79]
"Us" 我们 with Liu Tao, Jiang Xin, Wang Ziwen & Qiao Xin[80]
2018 "Few Lifetimes of Happiness" 几生欢 The Destiny of White Snake OST [37]
"Unparalleled in the World" 天地无霜 Ashes of Love OST with Deng Lun[81]
"Love Frost" 情霜
2019 "Milk Bread" 牛奶面包 Go Go Squid! OST [82]
"Breaking the Silence" 打破沉默 Bodies at Rest OST [83]
"Windy Night" 有风的夜晚 My Mowgli Boy OST

Other appearancesEdit

Year English title Chinese title Notes/Ref.
2017 "Beautiful Youths of China" 美丽中国年 Performance for CCTV Spring Gala[84]
2018 "China" 中国 Theme song for the China's Communist Youth League[85]
"The Future Me" 未来已来 Project for People's Republic of China's 70th anniversary[86]
2019 "Dream" 梦想 Theme song for China Student Television Festival[87]
2020 "Meeting in 20 Years Again" 再次相约二十年 Performance for CCTV Spring Gala[88]

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Nominated work Award Category Result Ref.
Major awards
2013 Insisrence 14th Golden Phoenix Awards Newcomer Award Won [17]
2017 Ode to Joy 23rd Shanghai Television Festival Best Supporting Actress Nominated [89]
2018 29th China TV Golden Eagle Award Best Actress Nominated [25]
2019 The Bravest 16th Guangzhou Student Film Festival Most Popular Supporting Actress Won [45]
11th Macau International Movie Festival Best Supporting Actress Nominated [90]
Go Go Squid! 6th The Actors of China Award Ceremony Best Actress (Emerald Category) Nominated [91]
8th China Student Television Festival Most Watched Actress Won [92]
Other awards
2004 Girl Diary 12th Tongniu Film Awards Best Child Actress Nominated
2016 N/A Baidu Fan Appreciation Season Baidu Entertainment Person of the Year Won [93]
8th China TV Drama Awards Rising Actress Award Won [94]
2017 Weibo Award Ceremony Popular Artist Award Won [95]
Ode to Joy 2nd China Television Drama Quality Ceremony Best Collaboration
(with Liu Tao, Jiang Xin, Wang Ziwen & Qiao Xin)
Won [96]
Noble Aspirations 22nd Huading Awards Best Actress (Ancient Drama) Nominated [29]
N/A Weibo TV Online Video Award Ceremony Breakthrough Artist Award Won [97]
2018 Weibo Award Ceremony Popular Artist Award Won [98]
Ashes of Love 24th Huading Awards Best Actress (Ancient Drama) Nominated [99]
12th Tencent Video Star Awards Popular TV Actress of the Year Won [100]
N/A Sohu Fashion Awards Popular Female Celebrity Award Won [101]
Jinri Toutiao Awards Ceremony Most Noticed Female Celebrity Won [102]
2019 Weibo Award Ceremony Weibo Goddess Won [103]
Ashes of Love Film and TV Role Model 2018 Annual Ranking Popular Female Lead of the Year Won [104]
Tencent Entertainment White Paper Popular Television Actress of the Year Won [105]
N/A China Value Zaker Influence Data Chart Most Commercially Valuable Artist Won [106]
Netease Entertainment Award Best Actress Won [107]
8th iQiyi All-Star Carnival Scream Goddess Award Won [48]
Go Go Squid!, My Mowgli Boy Golden Bud – The Fourth Network Film And Television Festival Best Actress Nominated [108]
Weibo TV Series Awards Most Popular Actress Won [109]
Go Go Squid! 26th Huading Awards Best Actress (Modern drama) Won [110]
Sina Film & TV Awards Most Popular Actress Won [111]
Film and TV Role Model 2019 Ranking Most Popular Actress Won [112]
Tencent Entertainment White Paper Star Celebrity Board: Television Actress of the Year Won [113]
N/A Beijing News Weekly Person of the Year Won [114]
Jinri Toutiao Awards Ceremony All-Rounded Star of the Year Won [115]
2020 Weibo Awards Ceremony Weibo Queen Won [49]
Popular Artist of the Year Won [116]


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