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Yang Naimei (Chinese: 楊耐梅; 1904 – December 27, 1960) was an actress of China's silent film era. She starred in such well-received films as The Soul of Yuli (1924), Orchid in an Empty Valley (1926), Spring Dream by the Lakeside (1927) and The Young Mistress' Fan (1928).[1]

In 1926–28 Yang played lead roles in films which put her among the top-ranked Chinese film actresses of the 1920s.

Life and careerEdit

Yang's breakthrough role was in The Soul of Yuli (1924), where she played a dissolute playgirl who wouldn't settle down after marriage. Yang then played lead roles in The Poor Children and Lured into Marriage.

In 1928 Yang opened the Naimei Film Company which produced one film in the same year, An Extraordinary Woman. Yang retired from acting in the mid-1930s.[1]


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