Yamghurchi of Astrakhan

Yamghurchi Khan (Tatar: Yamğurçı xan [jʌmɣurˈtɕɯ]) (died 1555) was a ruler of the Astrakhan Khanate since the 1540s. He occupied the throne with the help of the Nogay nobility. In the battle of Xacitarxan in 1554 the Russians defeated him and forced him to escape to lands behind the Terek river. In 1555 he was killed in dissension with Nogays. For uncertainties and additional information see the second part of List of Astrakhan khans.

Khan of the Tatar Astrakhan Khanate
PredecessorAq Kubek of Astrakhan
SuccessorDervish Ali Astrakhani
Preceded by
Aq Kubek
Khan of Astrakhan
Succeeded by
Darwish Ghali