Yamauchi clan

The Yamauchi clan were a family of rulers over what was then the Tosa Province which spanned the southern half of Shikoku island.[1]

Yamauchi clan
Japanese crest Tosa kasiwa.svg
Home provinceBingo
Parent houseFujiwara Hokke
Cadet branchesŌshū Yamauchi
Tosa Yamauchi

The province was given to the family in 1600 after Yamauchi Kazutoyo led troops under Tokugawa Ieyasu at the Battle of Sekigahara.[2] The family stayed loyal to the Tokugawa dynasty until shortly before its overthrow in 1868. The head of the family at that time Yamauchi Toyoshige became prince of the newly formed Kōchi Prefecture under Imperial rule.[1]

Notable membersEdit


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