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The Yamato Museum is a nickname of the Kure Maritime Museum in Kure, Hiroshima, Japan.

Yamato Museum
(Kure Maritime Museum)
Yamato Museum in October 2008.JPG
Established 2005 (2005)
Location 5-20 Takara-machi, Kure, Hiroshima
1/10-scale model of the battleship Yamato
Type 95 torpedo display at Yamato Museum



The museum opened on April 23, 2005. It is nicknamed the Yamato Museum due to the display in the lobby of the large model ship, Yamato, a 1/10 scale model of the battleship, Yamato.[1] The Yamato was the flagship of the Japanese Combined Fleet in World War II. It was sunk south of the Japanese island of Kyushu in 1945. The museum is located where the battleship was completed.[1]


16-inch gun from battleship Mutsu
Mitsubishi A6M Zero model 62 in Yamato museum
Ammunition for warships

Exhibition roomsEdit

  • Yamato Hiroba – 1/10 scale of the Yamato
  • History of Kure – as the shipbuilding, port city and the Kure Naval District
  • Large objects exhibition room - containing a Mitsubishi A6M Zero model 62, a kaiten human torpedo and a Kairyū-class submarine
  • 1:1 replica of one of the battleship Kongo's boilers.
  • Chibi Yamato replica
  • Collection of suicide notes from Kaiten pilots, as well as sword, will and photographs.
  • Type 63 torpedo
  • 16 inch shells and shell replicas for the Mutsu and Nagato
  • 18 inch shells and shell replicas for the Yamato and Musashi (and the converted Shinano)
  • Shipbuilding technology, including simulator, bouncy display device and cargo ship replica bow
  • The Yamato in culture, references many anime and movies in particular the "Space Battleship Yamato" series
  • Yamato theatre, which shows many films related to the IJN every day.
  • 1:1 scale replica of the Yamato's bridge
  • Future prospects

Other roomsEdit

The museum includes an experiment work room, library, citizens' gallery, meeting rooms, and gift shop, and an observation terrace on the 4th floor where people can view the area.


Outside the museum there is a brick park, a lawn plaza, and Yamato Wharf. The Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force Kure Museum, which includes the retired JMSDF Yūshio-class submarine Akishio (SS-579) and a rudder and screw of the Japanese Battleship Mutsu is located next to the Yamato Museum.

Yamato wreckageEdit

The sunken Yamato was surveyed previously, but in May 2015, digital technology was used for the first time. The footage shows many identifiable parts of the wreckage, such as the chrysanthemum crest on the bow, the 5 m (16 ft)-diameter propeller, and the detached main gun turret. The museum plans to show the nine-minute video repeatedly in its theater.[2][3]

Museum partnershipEdit

In 2015, the museum announced that it had entered into a sister museum partnership with the USS Missouri Memorial Association in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The agreement commemorates the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.[4][5]


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