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Yamata no Orochi no Gyakushū (八岐之大蛇の逆襲, Eight-Headed Giant Serpent's Counterattack) is a tokusatsu kaiju fan film shot on 16mm by Daicon Films (now Gainax). It was released on December 1985 and runs at 72 minutes. This was the most heavily promoted of Daicon's fan films. It was so successful that it was released on video by Bandai/Emotion. This film was also a turning point for the career of special effects director Shinji Higuchi.

Yamata no Orochi no Gyakushū
Directed byTakami Akai
Produced byTakeshi Sawamura
Written byTakami Akai
Aiko Ito
StarringKakumi Takahashi
Tatsuto Nagayama
Kenichiro Mera
Release date
December 1985
Running time
72 min.
CountryJapan Japan

This film was Daicon's epic parody of the many classic daikaiju (giant monster) films, and featured a more biomechanical-looking version of the mythical eight-headed serpent, the Orochi. This one was created by aliens, which had invaded Earth in ancient times. 2000 years later, they dispatch the Orochi again to destroy Japan and the rest of the world. Only a team of the Japan Self-Defense Forces and a scientist (two other staples in the daikaiju genre), can destroy it.




  1. ^ Roe, Matthew (June 17, 2019). "Hideaki Anno: Before Evangelion". Anime News Network. He [Anno] would conclude the year by designing and conducting miniature work for Yamata no Orochi no Gyakushū, a seventy-two-minute 16mm special effects kaiju movie