Yahatanishi-ku, Kitakyūshū

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Yahatanishi-ku (八幡西区) is a ward of Kitakyūshū, Fukuoka, Japan. It covers 83.04 square kilometres, and had a population of 260,318 in January, 2005. The ward contains JR Kurosaki Station, and JR Orio Station on the Kagoshima Main Line, with several schools and universities nearby. It is chiefly a residential area, bounded by the Onga river in the West.

Location of Yahatanishi-ku in Kitakyūshū

In the south of the ward by the Onga river is Koyanose-juku, a former post town on the Nagasaki Kaidō which has recently become a tourist area.

Koyanose-juku, a former post town on the Nagasaki Kaidō
Rugby (Japan v Tonga) at Honjo on June 4, 2006


Yaskawa Electric, a global electrical equipment and robot manufacturing company is headquartered in the ward.[1]



North Korean schools:[2]


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