Yōsei Teikoku

Yōsei Teikoku (妖精帝國, lit. "Fairy Empire"; German: Das Feenreich) is a five-member Japanese musical unit formed in 1997. Their music mixes elements of gothic rock, heavy metal, electronic and classical music.[1][3] Their works include the opening tracks of several anime series, including Future Diary, Magical Pokan, Innocent Venus, Kurokami: The Animation, The Qwaser of Stigmata, Big Order, and the Tokyo ESP soundtrack. After releasing several independent albums, the band released seven major-label albums with their current label Lantis: Gothic Lolita Propaganda, metanoia, Gothic Lolita Doctrine, Gothic Lolita Agitator, Pax Vesania, Shadow Corps(e) and The Age Of Villains.

Yōsei Teikoku
Yousei Teikoku Live, Pax Vesania Tour, 2013
Yousei Teikoku Live, Pax Vesania Tour, 2013
Background information
Years active1997–present
Past membersRelu

Yōsei Teikoku (commonly spelled as "Yousei Teikoku" in Romaji) is led by vocalist Yui, whose official title is "Dictator for Life" (終身独裁官).[4] She bestows honorary titles on the band members as part of the Fairy Empire.

Band membersEdit

Current members[5]
  • Yui (終身独裁官 ゆい Dictator for Life, born October 25) – vocals, chorus, and lyric writing
  • Takaha Tachibana (橘 尭葉, Captain, born March 25) – rhythm guitar, keyboards, composition, arrangement, and lyric writing
  • Nanami (ななみ, Warrant Officer, born September 17) – bass guitar
  • Gight (がいと, Sergeant, born March 20) – drums
  • XiVa (サイバ, Corporal, born ???) – guitar
  • ryöga (リョーガ, Corporal, born ???) – guitar
Former members
  • Relu (レル, born ???) – drums
  • Shiren (紫煉, born March 10) – lead guitar

Prior to the release of Baptize, Yui and Tachibana were the group's only members. Nanami and Relu were made official members in 2010. Shiren and Gight joined the band in 2013 at the same time as Relu's departure. Shiren resigned from the band in 2018, and guitarist XiVa was announced as the new guitarist in January 2019.[6]

In June 2019, Tachibana announced that he would withdraw from future live performances with the band at the end of the month, but would continue his work as the band's songwriter.[7] New guitarist ryöga was announced as his replacement on stage, joining the band at the rank of corporal.[8]



  • Atarashii Momo (新しい桃, New Peach) (1996)
  • Momo no Hane (桃の羽, Peach Wings) (1997)
  • Momo no Mori (桃の森, Peach Forest) (1998)
  • Shikō no Momo (至高の桃, Supreme Peach) (1999)
  • Stigma (2005)
  • Gothic Lolita Propaganda (2007)[9]
  • Metanoia (2007)
  • Irodori no Nai Sekai (彩の無い世界, A World Without Color) (2009)
  • Gothic Lolita Doctrine (2009)
  • Gothic Lolita Agitator (2010)
  • Pax Vesania (2013)
  • Hades: The Other World (2014)
  • Shadow Corps[e] (2015)
  • The Age of Villains (2020)



  • "Irodori no Nai Sekai" (from Irodori no Nai Sekai) - TV anime Kurokami The Animation ED
  • "Tamakui" (from Gothic Lolita Doctrine) - TV anime Ga-Rei Zero insert song (also included in Ga-Rei -Zero- image CD Yuri-mu Croquette)
  • "Asgard" (from Gothic Lolita Doctrine) - PC video game fortissimo//Akkord:Bsusvier OP
  • "Kuraki Sekai no Doukoku" (from Hades: The Other World) - PC video game fortissimo EXS//Akkord:nächsten Phase route OP
  • "Shinteki Souzou" (from Hades: The Other World) - PC video game fortissimo FA//Akkord:nächsten Phase OP
  • "Oroka na Ketsumatsu" (from Hades: The Other World) - TV anime Ika Musume image song
  • "Dea x Crisis" (from Hades: The Other World) - PlayStation 3 video game Super Heroine Chronicle OP
  • "Itoyuu no Shitade" (from Hades: The Other World) - PlayStation 3 video game Super Heroine Chronicle ED
  • "Yami-Iro Corsage" (from Shadow Corps[e]) - mobile game Valiant Knights OP
  • "Geki" (from Shadow Corps[e]) - TV anime Big Order OVA ED
  • "Psychomachia" - TV anime The Seven Heavenly Virtues ED
  • "Last Moment" (from Gothic Lolita Propaganda) - PlayStation 2 game Mai-Hime Unmei no Keitouju soundtrack
  • "Hitohira no Shizuku" (from crystal2 ~CIRCUS Vocal Collection Vol.2~) - PC video game Tsui no Yakata ~Koibumi~ ED
  • "memini [Orchestronica mix version]" (from crystal3 ~CIRCUS Vocal Collection Vol.3~) - PC video game AR ~Wasurerareta Natsu~ insert song
  • "Tsukiyo no Senritsu" (from crystal3 ~CIRCUS Vocal Collection Vol.3~) - PC video game Tsui no Yakata ~Futatsuboshi~ ED
  • "Koseijo no Uta" (from Songs from Eternal Fantasy) - PC video game Eternal Fantasy insert song
  • "Tasogare no Gekka" (from Katanagatari Kakyokushuu Sono Ichi) - TV anime Katanagatari ED
  • "EGOIST" (from Mirai Nikki Inspired Album Vol.1 ~Ingaritsu Noise~) - TV anime Mirai Nikki image song
  • "Herrscher" (from Mirai Nikki Inspired Album Vol.1 ~Ingaritsu Decibel~) - TV anime Mirai Nikki image song
  • "Oroka na Ketsumatsu" (from Ika Love) - TV anime Ika Musume image song
  • "Shito Raisan" (from Shito Raisan ~Kami-sama to Unmei Kakumei no Paradox Original Soundtrack~) - PlayStation 3 video game Kami-sama to Unmei Kakumei no Paradox image song


  • Dai Rokkai Koushiki Shikiten Tour PAX VESANIA LIVE TOUR (2013)
  • Tokuten Shiki Shikiten 920 Putsch (2010)
  • Animelo Summer Live 2009 -RE:BRIDGE-


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