Xupu Bridge

The Xupu Bridge (simplified Chinese: 徐浦大桥; traditional Chinese: 徐浦大橋; pinyin: Xúpǔ Dàqiáo), is a cable-stayed bridge over the Huangpu River in Shanghai, China, so named because it connects the city's Xuhui and Pudong districts. It opened in 1997 and carries 8 lanes of the S20 Outer Ring Expressway.

Xupu Bridge

Xupu Bridge.JPG
Coordinates31°07′45″N 121°27′51″E / 31.129167°N 121.464167°E / 31.129167; 121.464167Coordinates: 31°07′45″N 121°27′51″E / 31.129167°N 121.464167°E / 31.129167; 121.464167
Carries8 lanes of Shanghai S20 (Outer Ring Expressway)[1]
CrossesHuangpu River
LocaleShanghai, China
OwnerShanghai Foundation Engineering Co.[2]
Preceded byMinpu Bridge
Followed byLupu Bridge
Height217 m (712 ft)[3]
Longest span590 m (1,936 ft)[2]
DesignerShanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute[2]

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