Xu Zizhi Tongjian Changbian

The Xu Zizhi Tongjian Changbian ("Extended Continuation to Zizhi Tongjian") is an 1183 Chinese history book by Li Tao which chronicles the history of Northern Song Dynasty (960–1127). The book took Li Tao about 40 years to complete and was finally published in 1183 with 980 chapters (excluding 68 chapters of summary, 5 chapters of general catalogue, and 10 chapters of compilation accounts). However, only 520 chapters are extant.[1] As the sequel to Sima Guang's landmark work Zizhi Tongjian ("Comprehensive Mirror to Aid in Government"), it follows the same format, but is not as concise and refined.[2]

Xu Zizhi Tongjian Changbian
AuthorLi Tao
CountrySong dynasty
LanguageClassical Chinese
SubjectHistory of the Song dynasty
Xu Zizhi Tongjian Changbian
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese


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