Xinyi Anhe metro station

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Taipei Metro Xinyi Anhe station is a station on the Red Line located beneath Xinyi Rd., Sec. 4 at the intersection of Xinyi Rd., Sec. 4 and Anhe Rd. in Daan District, Taipei, Taiwan.[2] The station was opened on 24 November 2013.[3]

Xinyi Anhe

R04 信義安和
Taipei Metro
Xinyi Anhe Station Platform 1.JPG
LocationXinyi Rd., Sec. 4
Daan, Taipei
Operated by
Platforms2 (island platform)
Structure typeUnderground
Platform levels3
Opened24 November 2013
Passengers31,281 daily (2016)[1]
(Ranked 50th of 109)
Xinyi Anhe metro station
Traditional Chinese信義安和站
Simplified Chinese信义安和站


Originally, the station was to be named "Anhe Road Station". The construction of the station began on July 2005. However, the Department of Rapid Transit Systems felt that the name was too broad. Thus, on 22 July 2011, it was announced that the station would be renamed to Xinyi Anhe station to more accurately describe the station location.[4]

The station is 210 m (690 ft) long and 30 m (98 ft) meters in wide. Excavation depth is at 22 m (72 ft) meters. It has five entrances, two elevators for the disabled and two vent shafts.[2] One of the entrances will be integrated into a joint development building.

Public ArtEdit

The design theme for the station is "Life melody - creation of a spatial atmosphere of a refined metropolitan lifestyle".

Around the stationEdit

First and Last Train TimingEdit

The first and last train timing at Xinyi Anhe station [5] is as follows:

Destination First Train Last Train
Mon − Fri Sat − Sun and P.H. Daily
R28 Tamsui
R02 Xiangshan

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Coordinates: 25°02′00″N 121°33′06″E / 25.0332°N 121.5516°E / 25.0332; 121.5516