Xiaolangdi Dam

The Xiaolangdi Dam (Chinese: 小浪底; Pinyin: Xiǎolàngdǐ) is a dam in Jiyuan, Henan Province, China, and impounds the Yellow River. The facility is located about 20 km to the northwest of Luoyang. It has a total installed capacity of 1,836 MW and generates up to 5.1 TWh annually with the help of six 306 MW turbines. The dam stands 154 m (505 ft) tall and 1,317 m (4,321 ft) wide. It cost US$3.5 billion to construct.[1][2]

Xiaolangdi Dam
Xiaolangdi Dam is located in China
Xiaolangdi Dam
Location of Xiaolangdi Dam in China
Official name小浪底
Coordinates34°55′26″N 112°21′55″E / 34.92389°N 112.36528°E / 34.92389; 112.36528Coordinates: 34°55′26″N 112°21′55″E / 34.92389°N 112.36528°E / 34.92389; 112.36528
Construction began1994
Opening date2000
Construction costUS$3.5 billion
Owner(s)Yellow River Water and Hydroelectric Power Development Corporation
Dam and spillways
Type of damEmbankment, rock-fill
ImpoundsYellow River
Height154 m (505 ft)
Width (base)1,317 m (4,321 ft)
Total capacity12.8 km3 (10,377,129 acre⋅ft)
Maximum length130 km (81 mi)
Power Station
Turbines6 × 306 MW
Installed capacity1,836 MW
Annual generation5.1 TWh
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