Xhafer Ypi (Albanian pronunciation: [ˈdʒafɛɾ ˈbɛj ˈypi] January 12, 1880, Starje – December 17, 1940) was an Albanian politician.

Xhafer Ypi
Xhafer Ypi.jpg
10th Prime Minister of Albania
In office
January 1922 – December 26, 1922
Preceded byOmer Vrioni
Succeeded byAhmet Zogu
Personal details
BornJanuary 12, 1880
Starje, Albania
DiedDecember 17, 1940 (aged 60)
Starje, Albania
Cause of deathAssassinated
Political partyPopular Party (Albanian: Partia Popullore)[1]

A member of the Ypi dynasty of Albania, he was educated at a university[which?] in Istanbul. In 1920–1921 he was Minister of Internal Affairs and Minister of Justice. He also held the position of Minister of Public Instruction.

As the leader of the Popular Party, in late December 1921 he formed a government where Fan S. Noli was the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ahmed Zogu was the Minister of Internal Affairs. Until December 4, 1922, Ypi was Prime Minister; in 1922, after Noli's resignation, he was also acting Minister of Foreign Affairs.

From December 2, 1922, to January 31, 1925, Ypi was a member of the High Council (the collegial Head of State, formally for William of Wied). In June 1924 he left Albania because of Noli's revolt, but he kept holding the post formally.

During Zogu's reign, Ypi was Chief Inspector of the Royal Court. After King Zog had fled after Italian occupation, from April 9 to April 12 Ypi was Chairman and Plenipotentiary for Justice of the Provisional Administration Committee, and as such acting head of state. From April 12, he was the Minister of Justice in Shefqet Verlaci's government. He was killed near his hometown by an aerial bomb during the Greco-Italian War. His great-granddaughter is the Albanian philosopher and writer Lea Ypi.[2]

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Political offices
Preceded by Prime Minister of Albania
January 1922–December 26, 1922
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