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Xavier Gens (born on (1975-04-27)27 April 1975 in Dunkirk, France) is a French film director.[1]

Xavier Gens
Xavier Gens.png
Xavier Gens at the Teatro Victoria Eugenia in 2011
Born (1975-04-27) 27 April 1975 (age 44)
Dunkirk, France
OccupationFilm director
Years active1996–present




  • Frontier(s) (2007)[6]
  • Sable noir (2006)
  • Au petit matin (2005)
  • BTK – Born to Kast (2000)[7]


  • La Horde (2009, voice only)
  • Lady Blood (2008)
  • Le bon, la brute et les zombies (2004)

Casting directorEdit

  • 30 ans (2000)

Production managerEdit

  • Les kidnappeurs (1998)
  • Le bossu (1997)

Production assistantEdit


A few weeks before the release of Hitman, reports came in that the studio, 20th Century Fox, had turned down the version of the film that Gens submitted to them. Nicolas de Toth was brought in to edit the movie for commercial purposes, and Fox ordered a number of reshoots. While Fox denied claims that Xavier Gens had been fired due to the extreme violence in his cut, and insisted that he was still on the project, some reports stated that Gens was not even in the country as these reshoots were being made.[8] Hitman was a success with a gross of $92 million, Gens' most successful film.[9]

La HordeEdit

He narrated and produced the French Zombie film La Horde,[10] directed by Yannick Dahan and Benjamin Rocher.[11] The film was released on 10 February 2010[12] and distributed by IFC Films.[13]

The DivideEdit

Gens directed The Divide (initially titled The Fallout), his second English-language film,[14] which features Michael Biehn in the lead role.[15]


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