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OpenXR is a working group managed by the Khronos Group consortium with the aim to design a standard for Virtual reality and Augmented reality. OpenXR was announced by the Khronos Group on February 27 2017 during the GDC 2017.[1][2][3][4]

OpenXR logo
Developer(s)Khronos Group
TypeVirtual reality and Augmented reality API



The standard will comprise two parts:[2]


Currently (as of March 2017), the Khronos Group has a tentative first release of the API for late 2018.[5]


Currently (as of May 2018), the front page of The Kronos Group Inc. OpenXR project lists the following contributors:[6]

However, the dedicated member list page of The Kronos Group Inc. OpenXR project clarifies that there are few different groups of members (Promoter, Contributor, Associate, Academic members and Individual contributors) and lists 139 (as of May 2018) of them.[8]

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