XPW Television Championship

The XPW Television Championship was introduced in 2001 by Xtreme Pro Wrestling and the champion was decided in a one night tournament at XPW's Damage Inc. event, which featured competitors such as Konnan, Johnny Webb, Kid Kaos, Dynamite D and Vic Grimes.

XPW Television Championship
Joey 'Kaos' Munoz Posing.jpg
Joey Munoz, wrestling as "Kaos", was the first Television Champion
PromotionXtreme Pro Wrestling
Date establishedAugust 25, 2001
Date retiredMarch 8, 2003

There would only be two XPW Television Champions, as Kaos held the championship for a year and a half. Kaos would go on to successfully defend the XPW Television Championship against the likes of Psicosis, Nosawa, Chris Hamrick, Danny Doring, Jonny Storm, and Shark Boy.

Damage Inc. TournamentEdit

First Round Semifinals Final
The Enterprise
Dynamite D
Dynamite D
(w. Supreme)
(w. Psicosis)
"White Trash" Johnny Webb
Vicious Vic Grimes
Vicious Vic Grimes
"RCG" Leroy

Title historyEdit

Symbol Meaning
No. The overall championship reign
Reign The reign number for the specific wrestler listed.
Event The event in which the championship changed hands
# Wrestler Reign Date Days held Location Event Notes Ref.
1 Kaos 1 August 25, 2001 552 Los Angeles, California XPW Damage Inc. Defeated Konnan in a tournament final to become the first champion.  
2 X 1 February 28, 2003 8 North Hills, California XPW My Bloody Valentine Tour 2003 - day 1    
- Deactivated - March 8, 2003 N/A N/A N/A XPW closed and title was abandoned  

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