XNXX is a French website for sharing and viewing pornographic videos. As of July 2018 it was classified as the eighth most visited website in the world by Similarweb.[1] It launched in August 1997 and is currently hosted in Paris, with servers and offices in Montreal, Tokyo and Newark.[citation needed]

Type of site
Pornographic video sharing
Current statusActive

XNXX is owned by the same company that runs XVideos, another popular pornographic website.[2]

In 2004, XNXX was classified as one of the two most popular platforms for uploading porn videos, together with XHamster.[citation needed] A Business Insider ranking from 2018 placed it in the three most popular porn sites worldwide.[3]


According to the company, XNXX began existing in the year 2000, which makes it one of the oldest porn sites on the internet. It was originally hosted at the address www.xnxx-pics.com and limited its content to pornographic images from the celebrity world. It has been operating at its current address and aggregating video clips since 2002.[citation needed]

Statistics and dataEdit

As of 2018, XNXX was classified as the most visited porn site in Singapore[4] and the fifth most visited porn site in India.[5] As of April 2022, XNXX is the 24th most visited website in Switzerland[6] and the 18th most visited website in Austria,[7] though the majority of its users come from the United States, Egypt, and France. The bounce rate is around 20% and the average user spends around 12 minutes on the site.[8]

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