X-Wife is a rock band from Portugal. Current members are: João Vieira (vocals/guitar), Fernando Sousa (bass) and Rui Maia (Synthesizers/keys).

OriginPorto, Portugal
GenresRock, post-punk, electro
Years active2002–present
MembersJoão Vieira
Fernando Sousa
Rui Maia


Around the same time as João Vieira set up Club Kitten, and after many long conversations about music, he and Rui Maia, decided to start jamming together. After meeting Fernando Sousa (at the time in a band called Stealing Orchestra), X-Wife was complete. The official date of birth of X-Wife is March 2002. Starting from a set of demos that Vieira recorded on a minidisc while in London, the band began their rehearsals. In one of those rehearsals a record label (Nortesul) A&R showed up and two months later a record deal was presented to the trio.

In 2003 they released the Rockin' Rio EP, which includes the tracks "Rockin' Rio", "Eno" and "We Are" . The track "Rockin' Rio" received considerable radio airplay and "Action Plan" received massive radio airplay despite the fact it wasn't released as a single. The album got good reviews from the press, and a tour of clubs and summer festivals followed.

In January 2004 X-wife released their debut album "Feeding the machine". They were on the cover of several musical newspapers and had lots of great album reviews in national and international territory.

On April 10th 2006 they released Side Effects, with "Ping-Pong" selected as the first single. The video for "Ping-Pong" was directed by Kalle Kotila & Malakias (las palmas films). "Realize" was the second single taken from Side Effects, with André Cepêda, directing the video clip. Side Effects was released in Spain by PuPilo Records in 2007.

X-Wife's third album, Are you ready for the blackout? was released in late September 2008, and debuted in the top 25 in its domestic market. The first single "on the radio" was on the soundtrack of the mtv tv series "skins". They were also nominated for mtv awards best Portuguese act that year.

In 2011, they released “Infectious Affectional”. "keep on dancing" was the first single and was 26 weeks on top 3 for ringtones sales in their country.

In 2015, after a break of almost three years that allowed João Vieira and Rui Maia to release their debut albums with White Haus and Mirror People, and Fernando Sousa to join Best Youth, There Must Be a Place and PZ, X-Wife - now with a 13 year old career - are back and leave nothing to chance. The new single “Movin’ up”, produced by the band, show us an energetic X-Wife, who have made good use of their recent parallel experiences. A richer and more organic sound, following the pattern used in “Infectious Affectional” but complementing it with new elements and guest musicians.

Movin’ Up has been chosen to be on FIFA 16 soundtrack together with bands like Bastille, Beck, Foals, Icona Pop and Unknown Mortal Orchestra.


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