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Wu Jing
Wu Jing (Wolf Warrior 2).jpg
Wu Jing, on the set of Wolf Warrior 2.
Background information
Chinese name (traditional)
Chinese name (simplified)
Pinyin Wú Jīng (Mandarin)
Born (1974-04-03) 3 April 1974 (age 44)
Beijing, China
Residence Beijing
Other names Jacky Wu
Jing Wu
Jason Wu
Ethnicity Manchu
Alma mater Beijing Sport University
Occupation Actor, director
Years active 1995–present
Label(s) Gold Typhoon

Xie Nan (m. 2014)[1]

Children Wu You (son)[3]

Wu Jing (born 3 April 1974), sometimes credited as Jacky Wu or Jing Wu, is a Chinese martial artist, actor and director. Wu is best known for his roles in various martial arts films such as Tai Chi Boxer, Fatal Contact, the SPL films, and as Leng Feng in Wolf Warrior and its sequel.[4]


Acting careerEdit

In April 1995, Wu was spotted by martial arts choreographer Yuen Woo-ping, Wu played Hawkman / Jackie in 1996 film Tai Chi Boxer, his first Hong Kong film debut. Since Wu has appeared in numerous mainland Chinese wuxia television series. He has also worked with choreographer and director Lau Kar-leung in 2003 film Drunken Monkey. Wu achieved success in Hong Kong action cinema for his role as a vicious assassin in 2005 film SPL: Sha Po Lang.

In 2006, Wu was continuing his move into Hong Kong cinema by starring in the film Fatal Contact. Wu is the male lead in 2007 film Twins Mission, starring the Twins duo and Sammo Hung. He also worked with Nicholas Tse, Jaycee Chan, Shawn Yue and director Benny Chan on the police action film Invisible Target which was released in July 2007. In March 2008, Wu made his directorial debut, alongside action choreographer Nicky Li, on his film Legendary Assassin.[5]

On 31 May 2008, Wu was a volunteer for the One Foundation and assisting in the Sichuan earthquake. He carried out relief work in the earthquake affected areas in the more remote mountainous region. With him are several One Foundation volunteers as well as Dreamboat manager Yao Guozhi. Bringing with them lots of basic necessities like rice and tents, as well as bags, books and chocolates for the kids.[6]

Wu played Lok Tin-hung in 2008 film Fatal Move, along with Sammo Hung, Danny Lee and Simon Yam. Wu played Assassin in 2008 film The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor his first American film debut, alongside Brendan Fraser and Jet Li.

Wu played Jing Neng in 2011 martial arts film Shaolin alongside Nicholas Tse, Andy Lau and Jackie Chan. Wu reprised a different role as Chan Chi-kit in the 2015 Hong Kong action film SPL II: A Time for Consequences.

Wu directed and starred in the action war film Wolf Warriors and its 2017 sequel Wolf Warriors 2.[7] The latter film has become a hit at the Chinese summer box office,[8] and earned a total of CN¥2.2 billion in its first eight days of release.[9]



Year English Title Chinese title Role Notes
1996 Tai Chi Boxer 功夫小子闖情關[10] Young Xuewen Also known as Tai Chi II /辮子神功
2001 The Legend of Zu 蜀山傳 Lian Xing Also known as Zu Warriors
2003 Drunken Monkey 醉猴 Chan Chiud Also known as Chui Ma Lau/醉馬騮
2005 SPL: Sha Po Lang 殺破狼 Jack Also known as S.P.L.
2006 A Foreign Luck 天上掉馅饼 Liuliu
Fatal Contact 黑拳 Kong Ko
2007 Twins Mission 双子神偷 Lau Hay / Lau San Also known as Let's Steal Together
Invisible Target 男兒本色 Tien Yeng-seng
2008 Fatal Move 奪帥 Lok Tin-hung
L for Love L for Lies 我的最愛 Michael Cameo
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor 木乃伊3:龍的詛咒 Assassin #1 The film is also called 盜墓迷城3
Legendary Assassin 狼牙 Bo Tong-lam Also known as Wolf Fang, Director
2009 Kung Fu Cyborg 機器俠 K-88 Also known as Metallic Attraction: Kungfu Cyborg
2010 Just Another Pandora's Box 越光宝盒 Chief guard guest appearance
City Under Siege 全城戒備 Sun Hao
Wind Blast 西风烈 Yang Xiaoming (Shepherd)
Love Tactics 爱情36计 Wu Jielun
2011 Shaolin 新少林寺 JingNeng
Magic to Win 开心魔法 Bi Yewu (Fire Magician)
2013 Badges of Fury 不二神探 Insurance manager Formerly known as The One Detective
2014 The Breakup Guru 分手大师 Wu Jing
2015 Wolf Warrior 战狼 Leng Feng Also director
SPL II: A Time For Consequences 殺破狼2 Chan Chi-kit
2016 Call of Heroes 危城 Cheung Yik
A Chinese Odyssey Part Three 大话西游3 Tang Sanzang
2017 Wolf Warrior 2 战狼2 Leng Feng Also director
Gong Shou Dao 功守道 Master Jing
2018 The Faces of My Gene 祖宗十九代 Mei Banfa


Year English Title Chinese Title Role Notes
1997 Master of Tai Chi 太極宗師 Yang Yuqian
1998 Xin Shuihu Houzhuan 新水滸後傳 Ximen Jinge Alternative Chinese title: Shixue Wenjian (拭血問劍)
1998 The New Shaolin Temple 新少林寺 Jueyuan
1999 Legend of Dagger Li 小李飛刀 A'fei
2000 Love in the Turbulent Times 亂世桃花 Pei Yuanqing
2000 The Bigwig 大人物 Yang Fan Alternative Chinese title: Fanren Yang Datou (凡人楊大頭)
2000 Cema Xiao Xifeng 策馬嘯西風 Meng Xinghun
2001 Xin Tian Can Bian 新天蠶變 Yun Feiyang Alternative Chinese title: Jincan Siyu (金蠶絲雨)
2001 Huangshang Dubuqi 皇上對不起 Qianlong Emperor
2001 Da Qinchai Zhi Huangcheng Shenying 大欽差之皇城神鷹 Qi Yun'ao
2002 Shaolin King of Martial Arts 少林武王 Tanzhi
2002 Jiangshan Weizhong 江山為重 Hongli / Chen Bangguo Alternative Chinese title: Da Qing Diguo (大清帝國)
2002 Southern Shaolin 南少林 Fang Shiyu
2003 A Chinese Ghost Story 倩女幽魂 Zhuge Liuyun
2003 36th Chamber of Southern Shaolin 南少林三十六房 Fang Shiyu
2004 Jiangshan Ernü Jiduo Qing 江山兒女幾多情 Emperor
2004 I Have Eyes Only for You 誰為我心動 Bai Xiangfei Also known as Who Are My Heart
2005 Wudang II 武當II Zhang Wuji
2005 Gushangzao Shi Qian 鼓上蚤時遷 Shi Qian
2012 I'm a Special Soldier II 我是特种兵2 He Chenguang


Personal lifeEdit

  • Wu Jing and Xie Nan's relationship was publicly reported to begin in 2012.
  • They got married in 2014.
  • On 25 August 2014, WuJing's wife gave birth to a healthy boy named Wu Suowei (Chinese: 吴所谓).[13]

Notes and referencesEdit

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