Wrestling at the Mediterranean Games

Wrestling is one of the sports at the quadrennial Mediterranean Games competition. It has been a sport in the program of the Mediterranean Games since its inception in 1951.


Games Year Host Winner of the medal table Second in the medal table Third in the medal table
I 1951   Alexandria   Turkey   Egypt   Italy
II 1955   Barcelona   Turkey   Italy   France
III 1959   Beirut   Turkey   United Arab Republic   Lebanon
IV 1963   Naples   Turkey   Italy   Yugoslavia
V 1967   Tunis   Turkey   Yugoslavia   Greece
VI 1971   İzmir   Turkey   Yugoslavia   France
VII 1975   Algiers   Turkey   Yugoslavia   France
VIII 1979   Split   Yugoslavia   Turkey   Italy
IX 1983   Casablanca   Turkey   Yugoslavia   Italy
X 1987   Latakia   Turkey   Yugoslavia   Italy
XI 1991   Athens   Turkey   France   Greece
XII 1993   Languedoc-Roussillon   Turkey   France   Egypt
XIII 1997   Bari   Turkey   Greece   France
XIV 2001   Tunis   Turkey   Greece   France
XV 2005   Almería   Turkey   Egypt   France
XVI 2009   Pescara   Turkey   Egypt   Italy
XVII 2013   Mersin   Turkey   France   Egypt
XVIII 2018   Tarragona   Turkey   France   Italy
XIX 2021   Oran

All-time medal tableEdit

Updated after the 2018 Mediterranean Games

1  Turkey1624347252
2  Yugoslavia37281883
3  France284041109
4  Italy264161128
5  Greece245264140
6  Egypt174740104
7  Syria8183056
8  Tunisia481022
9  Spain351725
10  United Arab Republic26513
11  Serbia23712
12  Lebanon171523
13  Croatia1269
14  Macedonia1146
15  Serbia and Montenegro1113
16  Morocco0819
17  Algeria0336
18  Cyprus0202
19  Albania0123
20  Slovenia0112
21  Bosnia and Herzegovina0011
Totals (23 nations)3173173761010