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Worlds Beyond is a role-playing game published by Other World Games in 1990.


Worlds Beyond is a science-fiction space-adventure system in which the player characters can be human or alien (three alien races are available).[1] Character creation rules are skill-based.[1] Rules cover generation of planets, spaceships, and robots.[1] Six sample spaceships are described, with deck plans.[1] Over 20 worlds are described as a campaign background.[1]

Publication historyEdit

Worlds Beyond was designed by Frank S. Shewmake with Steve Douglas, Douglas Laedtke, John Damon Lavette, Leigh Skilling, and Gary Warth, with a cover by Frank Lurz, and published by Other World Games in 1990 as a 160-page book.[1]


Lawrence Schick comments: "A solid system, simpler than most, but worth a look if Traveller seems too intimidating."[1]


  • White Wolf #21 (June/July, 1990)
  • Voyages to the Worlds of SF Gaming (Issue 11 - Apr 1990)


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