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The world tag team championship is the name usually given to the primary tag team championships in professional wrestling promotions.


The name of the promotion is often preceded to the term "world tag team championship" as the complete name of the title. Examples of this included the ECW World Tag Team, WCW World Tag Team, and WWF World Tag Team Championship. However, some are also correctly known simply as the "World Tag Team Championship" without bearing the name of an organization. In some cases, this occurs in organizations where other world tag team championships are also competed for, as was the case in WCW in the early 1990s and WWE in the 2000s. The term "world tag team championship" can apply to any world tag team championship in general or to a specific one in particular, though this often creates confusion over which tag team championship is being referenced when the term is used.

Due to the variations of tag team wrestling, other World Tag Team Championships may exclude the "tag team" portion of the name and use a more suitable term such as "trios" or "six-man tag" to indicate a championship for tag teams with three members.

Promotions can also recognize subordinate titles to World Tag Team Championships that are often designated as regional, national, or international championships. Examples of these subordinate titles include the NWA Canadian Tag Team Championship and WWF International Tag Team Championship, which are national and international subordinates respectively.

A professional wrestling championship is not won or lost competitively, but instead the championship is scripted by the decision of the bookers of a wrestling promotion. The title is awarded after the chosen champion "wins" a match to maintain the illusion that professional wrestling is a competitive sport.[1]

Examples of active world tag team championshipsEdit

Championship Promotion Date Est.
NWA World Tag Team Championship NWA   July 12, 1992
ROH World Tag Team Championship ROH   September 21, 2002
Impact World Tag Team Championship Impact   May 17, 2007
WWE Raw Tag Team Championship WWE   October 3, 2002
WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship WWE   August 23, 2016
AEW World Tag Team Championship AEW   October 30, 2019
IWGP Tag Team Championship NJPW   December 12, 1985
World Tag Team Championship (AJPW) AJPW   June 10, 1988
GHC Tag Team Championship NOAH   October 19, 2001
AAA World Tag Team Championship AAA   March 18, 2007
CMLL World Tag Team Championship CMLL   March 3, 1993

Examples of inactive world tag team championshipsEdit

Championship Promotion Date Est. Date retired
AWA World Tag Team Championship AWA   August 1960 January 1991
ECW World Tag Team Championship ECW   August 27, 1994 April 4, 2001
WCW World Tag Team Championship NWA  
January 29, 1975 November 18, 2001
World Tag Team Championship WWE   June 3, 1971 August 16, 2010

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