World Rally Championship-3

The FIA World Rally Championship-3 or WRC-3 is a companion rally series to the World Rally Championship, and is driven on the same stages. Entry into the World Rally Championship-3 is limited to privately-entered crews competing with cars that are based on production models and homologated under Group R5 rules. The series began in 2020.

World Rally Championship-3
CategoryGroup R5
Inaugural season2020
Tire suppliersM, P
Drivers' championFrance Pierre-Louis Loubet[a]
Co-Drivers' championFrance Vincent Landais[a]
Motorsport current event.svg Current season


The original incarnation of the series began in 2013 and was open to cars competing under Group R1, R2 and R3 regulations.[2] It ran until 2018 before it was cancelled. The World Rally Championship-3 name was revived in 2020.[3]

The 2019 season saw the running of two categories in support of the World Rally Championship. These were known as the World Rally Championship-2 Pro for professional crews and manufacturer teams, and the World Rally Championship-2 for privateers. However, this multi-class structure was found to be too confusing,[3] and so the category was re-structured for the 2020 season. Professional crews will contest the World Rally Championship-2 and privateers will contest the World Rally Championship-3.[3]


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