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FIA World Motor Sport Council

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The World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) is the most powerful body of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). It decides on rules and regulations for the FIA's various racing series, from karting to Formula One.[1] Its membership is chosen by the FIA General Assembly, which contains representatives from national automobile clubs (ASNs) throughout the world. It is one of two FIA World Councils; the other deals with matters such as tourism.

The World Motor Sport Council meets three or four times a year to consider proposals from specialist FIA Commissions. It has a current membership of 27, including FIA President Jean Todt and Formula One chairman Chase Carey.

List of members (2017–term)Edit

Position Representing Member
President FIA President   Jean Todt
Deputy-president (Sport) United Kingdom Graham Stoker
Vice-presidents Mexico José Abed
United Arab Emirates Mohammed bin Sulayem
Argentina Carlos Gracia Remohi
Italy Angelo Sticchi Damiani
Ivory Coast Surinder Thatthi
Germany Hermann Tomczyk
China Wan Heping
Elected members Spain Manuel Avino
Australia Garry Connelly
Belgium François Cornelis
United States Dennis Dean
France Nicolas Deschaux
Monaco Michel Ferry
Croatia Zrinko Gregurek
Russia Victor Kiryanov
Paraguay Hugo Mersán
Japan Koichi Murata
Finland Juhani Pakari
India Gautam Singhania
Venezuela Vicenzo Spano
Turkey Serkan Yazici
Members by right FIA Women in Motorsport Commission   Michèle Mouton
FIA Drivers' Commission   Tom Kristensen
FIA Manufacturers' Commission or Ferrari SpA   François Fillon
Formula One Management   Chase Carey



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