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World Kindness Movement

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The World Kindness Movement (WKM) is the peak global kindness body, a movement with no religious, political or commercial affiliation. The WKM’s chief object is to foster goodwill among the broad community – local, national and international – by way of collaborations in kindness and in so doing, create greater understanding and co-operation between all people and all nations throughout the world. WKM is a worldwide coalition of the Good-Willing various kindness movements—organizations that study and promote improved individual and collective human behavior. The movement was initially conceptualized in 1997 with the aim of bringing like minded kindness movements across the globe together. The current members of the movement represent 27 nations including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, India, Italy, Japan, Liberia, Nepal, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Pakistan, New Zealand, Nigeria, Oman, Romania, Scotland, South Korea, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, United Kingdom and 10 organisations from the USA.



The idea of a World Kindness Movement was conceived at a Tokyo conference in 1996 when founders of the Small Kindness Movement in Japan brought together like-minded individuals from around the world who had started kindness movements in their own countries. They were led by Dr. Wataru Mori, a physician in Tokyo, who envisioned that a more compassionate and peaceful world could be achieved if a critical mass of acts of kindness was ignited.[1]

Cosmos bipinnatus, official flower of the World Kindness Movement

A second conference was held in 1997 in which the World Kindness Movement was formed. The founding members of the movement were Japan, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States.[2]

During the 1999 World Kindness Movement conference in Tokyo, the cosmos bipinnatus was adopted as the official flower for the organization.[3]

The movement was then officially launched in Singapore in November 2000 at the Third WKM Conference, hosted by the Singapore Kindness Movement. The conference saw 33 delegates from 22 countries.[4]

In 2003, the Singapore Kindness Movement assumed the role of secretariat of the movement.[5] The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation is one of the United States delegates of the movement.[6]

General AssembliesEdit

(Hosted every two years by a different nation for members, observers and Interested parties)Edit

In 1997 a second conference was held in which the World Kindness Movement was formed. The founding members of the movement were Japan, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States. During the 1999 World Kindness Movement conference in Tokyo, the "cosmos bipinnatus" was adopted as the official flower for the organization.
in November 2000 The movement was then officially launched in Singapore at the Third WKM Conference, hosted by the Singapore Kindness Movement. The conference saw 33 delegates from 22 countries discussing in attendance
In 2003, Singapore assumed the role of secretariat

2005 Parma Italy hosted by the Movimento Italiano per la Gentilezza

2007 Singapore hosted by the Singapore Kindness Movement

2010 the 6th General Assembly was hosted by Australia in Sydney for the first time at the Conservatorium of Music organised by Mr Michael Lloyd-White with the support of the NSW Department of Education, The NSW Federation of Parents & Citizens Associations and Spotless Group. Singapore indicated it wished to pass the kindness torch on and see the secretariat hosted by another nation referring to the 6th General Assembly host as a potential secretariat in waiting. The meeting was chaired by Mr Rodney Tan, Vice President of Singapore Kindness Movement. Many ideas were put forward including adopting a yellow flower hand out for World Kindness Day on 13 November and giving thought to establishing a World Kindness Youth Council. Delegates were taken to Rose Bay Secondary College where teachers and students hosted a morning tea and presented the school initiative for kindness.[7] Using the school's radio studio, they taped a student interview with Michelle Tay from Singapore and Will Glennon from the USA.

2012 On 20 September, the 7th General Assembly in London, hosted by Kindness UK, Australia was officially appointed as the new secretariat with Mr Michael Lloyd-White, Chairman and Founding Director of World Kindness Australia, being elected by the international members as the General Secretary. The assembly brought significant constitutional changes, which now include an International Council and the change to a generic domain name of The conference was attended by the USA, Japan, South Korea, China, UK, Italy, India, Singapore, and Australia, with observers from Spain and Switzerland. New members from the USA Random Acts of Kindness attended and for the first time. Life Vest Inside, The Be Kind People Project, were in attendance with observers Italian confectionery company Perfetti Van Melle (PVM Shanghai China) made début presentations on a corporate Kindness campaign in China. The meeting closed with a signing ceremony that declared continued support for the endeavours of WKM. In addition there was an undertaking by members to implement global strategies through unified and collaborative approach to new ideas where the outcome will see all nations united in a common goal for a kinder world. As a new member from the USA, Life Vest Inside, will be coordinating with other member nations a global Flash Mob "Dance for Kindness" on 18 November to highlight World Kindness Week.[8]

Dr Won General Manager from Singapore Kindness Movement, advised they were withdrawing to observer status.

2014 8th World Kindness Movement General Assembly hosted in Sydney Australia 2014 17–19 September 8th General Assembly Sydney Australia - Premier of New South Wales Mike Baird and Australian Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson provide Letters of Support.

16 September Lord Mayor of City of Sydney host welcome reception hosted by Cr Christine Forster (Sister to Prime Minister of Australia Hon Tony Abbott PM)

17 September Distinguished panel "What Does Kindness Mean?" Q&A Commissioner Human Rights, Mr Tim Wilson, Ms Eva Cox, Activist Author Academic Ms Pavalli Sinha Immigration Human Rights Lawyer and Academic.

17 September French Consulate host Welcome reception for WKM delegates and Consular Generals from Switzerland, Canada, Japan, Thailand.

18 September Cities present Initiatives Councillors and representatives from City Avignon (France), Cr Glenn Tozer City Of Gold Coast (Aust) City of Bangkok (Thailand) Cr Miriam Guttman Jones Waverly (Aust) Cr Noel Desouza Randwick (Aust)

18 September 1st World Kindness Movement Youth Council General Assembly hosted at University of Sydney Women's College.

18 September NSW Parliament Gala Dinner hosted by Youth Council Amendments were made to the constitution on the recommendations of the 3rd International Council meeting in Hong Kong with the following unanimous resolutions resulting at the 8th General Assembly; the formation of "The World Kindness Movement Youth Council" (WKMYC) forming part of WKM and meeting in conjunction with the WKM General Assemblies (Ages 17–24)

(Following this motion the 1st WKMYC General Assembly was held at the Women's College on the grounds of The University of Sydney on Thursday 18 September and reported its outcomes providing a list of executive appointments at the Members Dining Room in the NSW Parliament House.

The USA has been appointed as the Chair Grady McDermitt 17yrs old San Diego USA with Australia appointed as the Secretary, Daniella Lucci 17 yrs old Sydney Sutherland Shire)

Constitutional Amendments resolved include:

WKM shall endorse peak national bodies and regional bodies (e.g. World Kindness USA and or World Kindness Movement EU) subject to recommendation from the WKM International Council and criteria being met.

WKM shall officially list cities as "World Kindness Cities" subject to cities meeting criteria and with the recommendation from the WKM International Council and the peak national bodies respectively.

(Following the resolution of this motion World Kindness Australia, World Kindness India, World Kindness Korea, World Kindness Thailand, World Kindness Nigeria and World Kindness China have all been endorsed as the peak national body representing their respective country)

2015 25 Sept Former non member nations who have had their applications approved include Liberia - Mexico - Malaysia - Pakistan plus Additional organisations from existing Member Nations Canada (Kind Canada) and the UK (Incredible Me) Included Skype call to Kindness Pakistan.

2015 26 Sept Launch event in Avignon France for France's peak national body, World Kindness France.

2015 September 28 29 7th WKM International Council Meeting Avignon Paris France. It was announced that Love for the Elderly would be joining the World Kindness Movement and World Kindness USA, with founder Jacob Cramer – age 15 – as the youngest representative at the World Kindness Movement.

2017 August 31st to August - 3 September Seoul City Hall Seoul South Korea 9th General Assembly Attending nations

Ms Jin Heo President

World Kindness Movement

Ms Cristina Milani Vice President

World Kindness Movement

Ms Nirmala Peters Mehendale Treasurer

World Kindness Movement

Mr Michael Lloyd-White -Chair General Secretary

World Kindness Movement

Mr Stephen Oke, Executive Member

World Kindness Movement

Mr Hong, Sangki Host

Bright Smile

Ms Hayoung Lee Guest

Society Kind People

Mr Datuk Adnan Zainal, Member

Kindness Malaysia

Mr Muhammad (Matt) bin Kamarulazizi Member

Kindness Malaysia

Ms Kayleen Allen, Member

World Kindness Australia

Ms Gabriella van Rij, Member

Human Kindness Foundation

Ms Louise Lai Member

World Kindness China

Mr Abraham Montanez Guest


Mr Enrique Motilla Guest




NEW Members from USA approved unanimously

World Kindness USA - Full Member

HelpIs Foundation - Full Member

Special Presentations from Ms Jaclyn Lindsey Kindness Org (USA) | Dr David Fryburg Envision Kindness (USA) Ms Tristica McCray NERDS RULE INC (USA)

The Honourable Malcolm Turnbul. Australian Prime Minister provides a Message of Support delivered by Mr Michael Lloyd-White

Declaration of Support For a Kinder World signed by all in attendance

Stand For Good membership as observer approved subject to receiving confirmation of registered NGO status.

The Presidents International Achievement Awards Presented to

Australia Mr Michael Lloyd-White for 5 years Service as the General Secretary

China Ms Roman Fong 3 years Service as an Executive Member

France Ms Sabine Devlieger 3 years Service as an Executive Member

India Ms Nirmala Mehendale 5 years service as the Treasurer

Malaysia Mr Muhammad Bin Kamarulazizi Special Acknowledgement for Services to Kindness in Malaysia

Nigeria Mr Oke Stephen 5 years Service as an Executive Member

Switzerland Ms Cristina Milani 3 years Service as a Vice President

First World Kindness City Listing approved unanimously goes to........

Gold Coast City Council submission by Glenn TOZER for Mudgeeraba & Hinterland (Division 9) City Mayors Foundation This international endorsement was presented by the Immediate past General Secretary to The World Kindness Movement by Mr Michael Lloyd-White on 14 November 2018 to The Mayor Tom Tate at a full sitting of Council in Council Chambers in presence of the World Kindness Australia board including Directors Ms Yuliana Hartanto, Leanne Sanderson and WKA Brisbane Goodwill Ambassador, Ms Kayleen Allen, who represents World Kindness Australia on the WKM International Council.

See live archive feed of video from Gold Coast City Council website starts at 15.35min in Article 28 ratified as Amendment to Constitution World first ever Kindness Clause.

New International Council

President Switzerland Ms Cristina Milani

Vice President Nigeria Mr Oke Stephen Iruobe

Treasurer Australia Ms Kayleen Allen (resigned Jan 2018)

Secretary General Netherlands Gabriella van Rij (Resigned Jan 2018)

Executive Member Mexico Abraham Montanez

Executive Member Malaysia Mohumad Muhammad Bin Kamarulazizi

Executive Member Korea Gloria Lee (Resigned Jan 2018)

Executive Member Korea Jin Heo (Resigned Jan 2018)

Executive Member China Louise Lai (Lulu Lai)

Executive Member India Nirmala Peters -Mehendale

International Council (IC)Edit

IC meets a minimum 4 times per year including an annual face to face meeting.Edit

2012 23 November London United Kingdom Chaired by newly appointed General Secretary Michael Lloyd-White, the Voting for the International Council concluded with online voting. The International Council is the Governing Body liaising via the Secretariat. Positions will be up for election in 2014 at the 8th General Assembly Office Bearers - President Ms Jin Heo South Korea | Vice President Ms Lidia Kemeny Canada | Treasurer Ms Nirmala Mehendale India |'General Secretary' Mr Michael Lloyd-White Australia |'Executive Members' Mr Ade Adenekan Nigeria | Mr Will Glennon USA| Ms Miriam Guttman-Jones Australia | Ms Marcia Meyer USA| Ms Orly Wahba USA

  • February 2013 Switzerland joined the global campaign becoming an official member of WKM
  • 13 June 2013 Japan celebrated its 50th Anniversary in Tokyo
  • 21 June 2013 World Kindness China's membership application was approved
  • 5 July 2013 Thailand became a member of the peak global body.

2013 21st August Hong Kong The 3rd International Council Meeting attended by Ms Jin Heo, President, (South Korea) Chaired by Mr Michael Lloyd-White, General Secretary (Australia), Ms Nirmala Mehendale Treasurer(India)Ms Orly Wahba Executive Member (USA)Mr. Stephen Oke, Executive Member (Nigeria) and observers from Switzerland (Member), Argentina, China (Member), Malaysia, Thailand (Member) Croatia 22 August World Kindness China launches campaign in Hong Kong and receives a Welcome Message from the Prime Minister of Australia the Hon Kevin Rudd PM

2014 16th Sept"" Sydney Australia 4th International Council Meeting on 19 September 2014 hosted by World Kindness Australia Chaired by Mr Michael Lloyd-White our International Member nations in attendance of the 8th General Assembly have appointed a new International Council to fulfill the objectives and continue to steer WKM to achieve its goals. They are the following;

President South Korea, Ms Jin Heo, Second term Vice President Switzerland, Ms Cristina Milani, First Term Treasurer India, Ms Nirmala Mehendale-Peters, Second Term General Secretary Australia, Mr Michael Lloyd-White Second Term Executive Member Nigeria, Mr Stephen Oke Second Term Executive Member, Thailand, Mr Danai Chanchaochai First Term Executive Member China, Mr Roman Fong First Term Executive Member Australia, Mr Craig Spence First Term Executive Member France, Ms Sabine Devlieger First Term Executive Member USA, Ms Jill McManigal First Term Please join me in thanking the retiring Executive Members Vice President, Canada Ms Lidia Kemeny Executive Member, USA Mr Will Glennon Executive Member, USA, Ms Marcia Meyer Executive Member, USA, Ms Orly Wahba Executive Member, Australia Ms Miriam Guttman-Jones

2015 26 June Paris France and Avignon 8th International Council Meeting Chaired by Michael Lloyd-White world Kindness Australia, Present Australia. Canada, France, India, South Korea, Switzerland, Nigeria with apologies from Thailand and China. Ms Nancy Oakley COO, Kind Canada was officially presented with their Membership Certificate to the global campaign. The IC drafted a response to the Prime Minister of Thailand which was hand delivered in Bangkok by the WKM General Secretary immediately following the close of the 8th IC Meeting.

2016 29 September Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 20th International Council Meeting in Kuala Lumpur to participate in a SWOT analysis of WKM and review constitution in prepararation for registration in Geneva. Muhammad (Matt) bin Kamarulaziai Co Founder of Kindness Malaysia was officially presented with their Certiciate of Membership to the global campaign.

World Kindness Day 13 NovemberEdit

The date decreed for World Kindness Day is 13 November. This was the opening day of the first World Kindness Movement conference held at Tokyo in 1998, and the 35th anniversary of the Small Kindness Movement of Japan, which initially brought the signatories of the ‘Declaration of Kindness’ of the World Kindness Movement together in 1997.[9]

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