Dodgeball World Championship

The Dodgeball World Championship is a dodgeball competition for both men's and women's national teams. The event is organised by the World Dodgeball Federation, the sport's global governing body.

Dodgeball World Championship
Founded2012; 11 years ago (2012)
Inaugural seasonDodgeball World Championship
ContinentInternational (World Dodgeball Federation (WDBF)

It was initially an open event, but stopped being an open event as the membership grew, and now works by qualification.[1] In 2021, WDBF's membership reached 80 members, all also members of the relevant continental federations.[2]

While foam was the only format used in previous editions, starting with 2022, the Dodgeball World Championship would be contested in two categories, foam and cloth.[3]

Winners Edit

Below is a list of winners since the first event in 2012.[4]

Number Year Host Men (foam) Women (foam) Mixed (foam) Men (cloth) Women (cloth) Mixed (cloth)
1 2012 Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)   Hong Kong (1st title)   Canada (1st title)
2 2013 Queenstown (New Zealand)   Canada (1st title)   Canada (2nd title)
3 2014 Hong Kong   Canada (2nd title)   United States (1st title)
4 2015 Las Vegas (United States)   United States (1st title)   United States (2nd title)
5 2016 Melbourne (Australia)   Canada (3rd title)   Malaysia (1st title)
6 2017 Toronto (Canada)   Malaysia (1st title)   Malaysia (2nd title)
7 2018 Los Angeles (United States)   Malaysia (2nd title)   United States (3rd title)
8 2019 Cancun (Mexico)   United States (2nd title)   United States (4th title)
* 2020-2021 Cancelled due to COVID-19
9 2022 Edmonton (Canada)   Malaysia (3rd title)   Canada (3rd title)   Canada   Great Britain   Austria   Austria

Medal table Edit

Men (foam) Edit

Team Wins
  Canada 3
  Malaysia 3
  United States 2
  Hong Kong 1

Women (foam) Edit

Team Wins
  United States 4
  Canada 3
  Malaysia 2

Mixed (foam) Edit

Team Wins
  Canada 1

Men (cloth) Edit

Team Wins
  Great Britain 1

Women (cloth) Edit

Team Wins
  Austria 1

Mixed (cloth) Edit

Team Wins
  Austria 1

References Edit

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