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The Bullit World Darts Trophy was a professional darts tournament run by the British Darts Organisation and the World Darts Federation. Held each September from 2002 to 2007, it took place at the De Vechtsebanen in Utrecht, Netherlands. The tournament had a playing format comparable with the two World Championships (BDO and PDC). Until 2007, it formed the third leg of the BDO Grand Slam, along with the BDO World Championship, the World Masters and the International Darts League.

World Darts Trophy
Tournament information
VenueDe Vechtsebanen
Organisation(s)BDO, WDF
FormatSets (men)
Sets (women)
Legs (Junior)
Month(s) PlayedSeptember
Final Year2007
Final champion(s)
Scotland Gary Anderson (men)
NetherlandsKarin Krappen (women)
Netherlands Ron Meulenkamp (junior)

Tournament historyEdit

First held in 2002, the tournament was played under the auspices of the World Darts Federation, British Darts Organisation and the Dutch Darts Association (NDB, the Dutch governing body of darts) and featured players from those organisations up to and including 2005.

PDC ParticipationEdit

However, in 2006, following Raymond van Barneveld's move to the PDC in February of that year, host broadcasters SBS 6, were able to grant invitations to five non-WDF affiliated players, meaning that players from the PDC would be able to compete in the event for the first time. Van Barneveld, along with Phil Taylor, Colin Lloyd, Ronnie Baxter and Peter Manley were given the five invitations that were offered to the PDC.[1][2]

In 2007, the WDT included the top 12 players in the PDC Order of Merit and four PDC Qualifiers, giving a total of 16 PDC players who would line up alongside 12 from the WDF rankings and 4 wildcards, which were given to Jelle Klaasen, Michael van Gerwen, Vincent van der Voort and Mervyn King, all of whom had left the BDO to join the PDC earlier that year.[3][4]

End of eventEdit

Towards the end of 2007, the chairman of the PDC, Barry Hearn, announced that its players would not be competing in the 2008 International Darts League and World Darts Trophy events. As a result, SBS6 announced they would no longer be broadcasting the event, with their coverage relying heavily on big names such as van Barneveld, which then cast doubts over whether either tournament would go ahead.

The tournament promoters filed a lawsuit against the PDC and SBS6 claiming a contract had been agreed for the PDC players to be involved. The case ended in failure on 21 February 2008, and the International Darts League was indefinitely postponed. The future of the World Darts Trophy was also thrown into doubt as a result of the decision,[5] and both events were confirmed defunct by the failure of an appeal on 29 April 2008.[6]


  • 2004–2006 Bavaria (Premium Dutch beer)
  • 2007 Bullit (Energy drink)

Prize FundEdit

  • Winner €45,000
  • Runner Up €22,500
  • Joint 3rd 2 x €11,250
  • Joint 5th 4 x €6,000
  • Joint 9th 8 x €3,000
  • Joint 17th 16 x €2,000
  • Joint 33rd and 41st 24 x €1,000
  • Totals €194,000

Final Results and statisticsEdit

Men's FinalsEdit

Year[7][8][9] Champion Av Score (sets) Runner-up Av
2002   Tony David (97.80) 6–0   Tony O'Shea (90.48)
2003   Raymond van Barneveld (104.91) 6–2   Mervyn King (98.07)
2004   Raymond van Barneveld (94.71) 6–4   Martin Adams (91.50)
2005   Gary Robson (91.50) 6–4   Mervyn King (88.80)
2006   Phil Taylor (102.21) 7–2   Martin Adams (94.77)
2007   Gary Anderson (103.32) 7–3   Phil Taylor (102.30)

Women's finalsEdit

Year[10][11][9] Champion Av Score (sets) Runner-up Av
2002   Mieke de Boer (68.52) 3–1   Crissy Howat (now Manley) (64.83)
2003   Trina Gulliver (83.01) 3–1   Francis Hoenselaar (80.07)
2004   Francis Hoenselaar (85.20) 3–1   Anastasia Dobromyslova (76.77)
2005   Karin Krappen (75.69) 3–1   Francis Hoenselaar (71.94)

Junior WDT finalsEdit

Year[9] Champion Score (Legs) Runner-up
2006   Ron Meulenkamp 6–1   Sven van Dun


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