World Cyber Games Challenge

The World Cyber Games Challenge was held in Yongin, South Korea from the October 7th to the 15th in 2000. Total prize money was $200,000.[1][2]

Official gamesEdit


Age of Empires II   Myung-Jin Jung   Y-Kuei Huang   Jae-Baek Lee
FIFA 2000   Ji-Hun Lee   Jin-Hyung Park   Ro-Su Lee
Quake III Arena   Johnathan Wendel (Fatal1ty)   Oskar Ljungström (LakermaN)   Johnathan Hill (ZeRo4)
StarCraft: Brood War   Tae-Min Park (GoRush)   Il-Suk Jang (I_Love.Star)   Anker Jacob Scharn (NTT)


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