World's Columbian Exposition Terminal Station

Terminal station (also referred to as Union Depot on some maps) was a temporary station serving the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois.[1]

Terminal Station
World's Columbian Exposition Terminal Station.jpg
General information
LocationJackson Park
Chicago, Illinois
Coordinates41°46′30″N 87°35′00″W / 41.77504°N 87.58329°W / 41.77504; -87.58329Coordinates: 41°46′30″N 87°35′00″W / 41.77504°N 87.58329°W / 41.77504; -87.58329
Opened1 May 1893 (1893-05-01)
Closed30 October 1893 (1893-10-30)
Other services
Preceding station Illinois Central Railroad Following station
Park Side
World's Fair branch Terminus
Preceding station Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Following station
Terminus Main Line
World's Fair branch
South Chicago
Preceding station Columbian Intramural Railway Following station
Chicago Junction
toward North Loop
Main Line Colonnade
toward South Loop



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