Woodman Junior High School

Woodman Junior High School is a major junior high school for S.W. Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The building was built in 1959 and has undergone some modifications from the original design including a new section added in the '60s. Woodman Junior High School has 34 classrooms in total including an art room, large gymnasium, small gymnasium, music (Band) room, science labs, computer lab, weight room, industrial shop, home economics labs (Cooking and Sewing), a drama room, and a learning resource centre. Woodman's school team are known as the Woodman Wolves. Woodman has RTI also known as Wolfpack, where students can choose sessions to attend to enrich learning. Recently the school has been undergoing a transition into becoming a French immersion school. The graduating class of 2018 was the last English only class to leave the school.

Woodman Junior High School
Woodman Junior High School 7.jpg
8706 Elbow Drive S.W.

Coordinates50°58′34″N 114°05′00″W / 50.97615°N 114.08326°W / 50.97615; -114.08326Coordinates: 50°58′34″N 114°05′00″W / 50.97615°N 114.08326°W / 50.97615; -114.08326
Motto"A Great Place to Learn"
PrincipalMarlene Krickhan
Color(s)Red and Black   
MascotArctic Wolf
Team nameWoodman Wolves