Woodingdean Water Well

The Woodingdean Water Well is the deepest hand-dug well in the world, at 390 metres (1,280 ft) deep. It was dug to provide water for a workhouse.[1][2] Work on the well started in 1858, and was finished four years later, on 16 March 1862. It is located just outside the Nuffield Hospital in Woodingdean, in Brighton and Hove, England, United Kingdom.[3]

Woodingdean Water Well
General information
LocationNuffield Hospital, Woodingdean, England, United Kingdom
Town or cityBrighton and Hove
CountryUnited Kingdom
Coordinates50°50′05″N 0°04′55″W / 50.83465°N 0.08182°W / 50.83465; -0.08182
Named forWoodingdean
Construction started1858
Completed16 March 1862
Known fordeepest hand-dug well

The Woodingdean Water Well has been featured several times in the Itch series, by Simon Mayo, as it is where the protagonist, Itch, dumps the radioactive element 126.[4]


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50°50′05″N 0°04′55″W / 50.83465°N 0.08182°W / 50.83465; -0.08182