Wong Sawang

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Wong Sawang (Thai: วงศ์สว่าง, pronounced [wōŋ sā.wàːŋ]) is a khwaeng (subdistrict) of two subdistricts of Bang Sue District, Bangkok, apart from Bang Sue Subdistrict. It is also the name of the surrounding area.

Wong Sawang
Wong Sawang Intersection
Wong Sawang Intersection
Location in Bang Sue District
Location in Bang Sue District
Country Thailand
KhetBang Sue
 • Total5.783 km2 (2.233 sq mi)
 • Total43,005
Time zoneUTC+7 (ICT)
Postal code
TIS 1099102902
Wong Sawang Station interior


The name "Wong Sawang" is derived from a road in same name that passes through the area. It is assumed that the name comes from the surname of the chief construction engineer. Wong Sawang is a road that is now considered part of Ratchadaphisek Road (Inner Ring Road). It is connected to an extension of Ratchadaphisek Road, therefore, the current Wong Sawang Road remains only between Rama VII Bridge to Wong Sawang Intersection, where it intersects with Bangkok-Nonthaburi and Ratchadaphisek Roads.

Wong Sawang was raised as a subdistrict in 2009.[2]


Wong Sawang can be considered as an area in the north of the district.

Neighbouring subdistricts are (from the north clockwise): Bang Khen in Mueang Nonthaburi of Nonthaburi Province (Khlong Bang Khen is a borderline), Lat Yao and Chatuchak of Chatuchak District (Khlong Prapa and Southern Railway Line are the borderlines), Bang Sue in its district (Southern Railway Line is a borderline), Bang Kruai in Bang Kruai of Nonthaburi Province (Chao Phraya River is a borderline).[3]


Wong Sawang consists of 26 communities.[2]


Wong Sawang is served by MRT Purple Line's Wong Sawang Station (PP14), where the station is located above Wong Sawang Intersection.


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Coordinates: 13°49′42″N 100°31′42″E / 13.828303°N 100.528464°E / 13.828303; 100.528464