Women in Technology International

Women in Technology International (WITI) is a non-governmental organisation promoting the achievements of women in technology[1] and extending support, opportunities, and inspiration.[2][3] It was founded by Carolyn Leighton in 1989[4] as the International Network of Women in Technology.[5][3] It was renamed to the WITI Professional Association in 2001 when it acted as a trade association for women in technology.[1]

It is known for producing the Women in Technology International Hall of Fame which inducts women who have made a significant contribution to technology.

Started from an email group in 1989, by 2012 the group had grown to 2 million people and become a leading organisation for women in technology.[6] The 2014 WITI 25-year conference Powering Up! included speakers such as Gwynne Shotwell, President and Chief Operating Officer at SpaceX.[7] In 2017, Randstad Technologies announced a partnership with WITI to address gender underrepresented groups in the workplace and encourage girls and women to pursue technology education and careers.[8]

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