Women at War (TV series)

Women at War (French: Les Combattantes) is an eight-episode Franco-Belgian historical miniseries created by Cécile Lorne and directed by Alexandre Laurent,[2] which originally aired on TF1 in September 2022.

Women at War
Created byCécile Lorne
Directed byAlexandre Laurent
StarringAudrey Fleurot

Julie de Bona

Camille Lou

Sofia Essaïdi
Original languageFrench
No. of episodes8
ProducerIris Bucher
Production locationFrance
Production companyQuad Drama
Budget20 million euros.[1]
Original networkTF1
Original releaseSeptember 11, 2022 (2022-09-11)

It has been available on Netflix since October 2022 for French viewers and January 2023 internationally. The series has appeared among the Netflix top 10 shows in 58 countries the following week.[3]


In 1914, during WW1, the destinies of four women intersect: Marguerite de Lancastel, a mysterious Parisian sex worker; Caroline Dewitt, propelled to the head of the family factory; Mother Agnès, Mother Superior of a requisitioned convent; and Suzanne Faure, a feminist nurse.[4]


  • Brothel
    • Audrey Fleurot: Marguerite de Lancastel. who is looking for her son
    • Yannick Choirat: Marcel Dumont, the brothel owner
    • Florence Loiret Caille: Yvonne Dumont, Marcel's sister
    • Eden Ducourant : Juliette
    • Emmanuelle Bouaziz: Florence
    • Juliette Poissonnier: Alice
    • Lilea Le Borgne: Solange
    • Laure Franquès: Catherine
    • Candice Pauilhac: Odile
    • Bérénice Ouedraogo: Irène
  • Convent
    • Julie de Bona: Mother Agnès
    • Camille Lou: Suzanne Faure, nurse, a former abortionist, accused of murder
    • Tom Leeb: Joseph Duvernet, military doctor
    • Laurent Gerra: Abbé Vautrin
    • Marie Mallia: Sister Geneviève
    • Maeva Dambron: Sister Clarence
    • Bélinda Portoles: Sister Bélinda
  • Truck Factory
    • Sofia Essaïdi: Caroline Dewitt, Victor's wife.
    • Sandrine Bonnaire: Éléonore Dewitt, mother of Charles and Victor.
    • Grégoire Colin: Charles Dewitt
    • Lionel Erdogan: Victor Dewitt, the factory owner
    • Stacy Grewis Belotti: Madeleine Dewitt, Victor and Caroline's daughter
    • Michaël Vander-Meiren: Jean
    • Aurélie Boquien: Denise
    • Catherine Artigala: Germaine
  • French army
    • Tchéky Karyo: General Duvernet
    • Maxence Danet-Fauvel: Colin de Renier
    • Édouard Eftimakis: Lieutenant Léon Duvernet
    • Mikaël Mittelstadt: Gus
    • Thomas Salsmann: Brief
    • Jérémy Wulc: Lieutenant Passembec
    • Hervé Sogne: Colonel Keller
    • Samuel Giuranna: Colonel Lehmann
    • Nicolas Van Beveren: Captain Maurice Delille
  • Others
    • Romane Portail: Jeanne Charrier
    • Vincent Rottiers: Lucien Charrier
    • Cassiopée Mayance: Claudine
    • Pascal Houdus: Till von Hoffstaten
    • Jean-Michel Noirey: President Raymond Poincaré
    • Noam Morgensztern (of Comédie-Française) : Louis Compoing, Parisian detective hunting Suzanne Faure


The series has received an average score of 80% on Rotten Tomatoes.[5]

Joel Keller wrote in his review on Decider: "STREAM IT. Women At War starts off a bit dry, but by the end of its first episode, viewers can see that the drama will start to be amped up, beyond the violence inherent in war."[6]

Kayleigh Dray wrote for Stylist: "Reactions to the series have been largely positive, with many praising its complex female characters, excellent twists and turns, and unflinching ability to portray 'the true horrors of World War I, both on the field and off of it.' Others, meanwhile, have thanked producers for adopting a non-exploitative approach when weaving the stories of the four women at its center. And plenty have piled praise on cinematographers for all of those incredible panoramas of the war-ravaged French countryside, too."[7]


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