Women's Property

Women's Property (Russian: Женская собственность, romanizedZhenskaya sobstvennost) is a Russian 1999 romantic drama based on the eponymous story by Valentin Chernykh, directed by Dmitry Meskhiev.[1][2]

Women's Property
Women's Property.jpg
Directed byDmitry Meskhiev
Produced byYelena Yatsura
Written byYuri Korotkov
Natalia Chepik
Valentin Chernykh
StarringKonstantin Khabensky
Elena Safonova
Music byIvan Nikolayevich Smirnov
Mikhail Smirnov
CinematographyYuri Shaigardanov
Release date
  • 1999 (1999)
Running time
89 minutes


A young entrant, Andrei Kalinin, passes exams to a theatrical institute. He lacks artistic acumen yet has plenty of charm. After getting to know that there are chances he won't succeed, he decides to convince a member of the committee, Elizaveta Kamenskaya, that he has to enroll exactly that very year. In a sequence of chance events, Andrey falls for her - the prominent actress he used to admire being a child. She is much older than him and lonely. After a few years of relationships, it turns out that she has cancer. Despite her incurable illness, Andrei marries Elizaveta. After her death, his professional life becomes unstable - while his romantic affairs are taking even more unpredictable turns.



  • 1999 - Best Actress award at the international film festival of actors "Constellation" of the Guild of Russian Cinema Actors (Elena Safonova).[3]
  • 2000 - Best Actress award at the 6th Russian film festival "Literature and Cinema" in Gatchina (Nina Usatova).[4]
  • 2000 - Best Actor award at the 6th Russian film festival "Literature and Cinema" in Gatchina (Konstantin Khabensky).[4]
  • 2000 - Prize of the press "for providing the best program of films" at the VIII All-Russian Film Festival "Vivat, Cinema of Russia!" in St. Petersburg (Dmitry Meskhiev).[5]


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