Women's Lib (The Goodies)

"Women's Lib" is an episode of the British comedy television series The Goodies.

"Women's Lib"
The Goodies episode
Episode no.Series 2
Episode 10
Original air date17 December 1971
(Friday — 10.10 p.m.)
Guest appearance(s)
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"Farm Fresh Food"
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"Gender Education"
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This episode is also known as "Sexual Liberation" and as "Free to Live".[citation needed]

Written by The Goodies, with songs and music by Bill Oddie.


When Graeme brings home a girl whom he and Tim consider a bimbo, Graeme and Tim discuss her in a very sexist manner. Bill, horrified at their disparagement of women, pretends to be a woman and reports Tim's and Graeme's behaviour to the Women's Liberation Authority. This results in a visit to the Goodies' office by the frightening Barbara, who arranges for Tim and Graeme to work for her father (Charlie), who is chauvinistic. Graeme is treated well in his role of butler — but Tim, who is forced to work as the housemaid ("Timbellina"), has to do all of the work, as well as having to put up with a lot of sexist behaviour from the master of the house.

Later, things change, with Bill reverting to normal — while Tim, as "Timbellina", takes up the cause on behalf of women.


  • A Woman's Work
  • Maybe


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