Women's College Coalition

The Women's College Coalition (WCC) was founded in 1972 and describes itself as an "association of women’s colleges and universities that are two- and four-year, public and private, religiously affiliated and secular."[1]

What WCC DoesEdit

The Women's College Coalition:

  • Provides resources for students, parents and their advisors to help with their college search
  • Generates research to help illuminate the factors that enhance women's success and ensure our effectiveness.
  • Promotes past, present and future women leaders as we transform the world through the education and success of women and girls.[1]


Women's Colleges and Universities in the U.S. & Canada Represented by WCCEdit

Member and WCC RelationsEdit

"The Women’s College Coalition makes the case for the power and influence of women’s colleges in higher education. We advance our members’ shared mission to promote the well-being and success of women and girls through three strategic initiatives.

  • Collaborative research The Women's College Coalition, in conjunction with its members, identifies issues of importance to women's colleges and conducts one or more research initiatives annually. Past studies have included a comparison of women's college alumnae to female alumnae from co-ed colleges on measures of satisfaction and post-college success; a forty-year snapshot of the demographics of women's college students; a comparison of faculty teaching and engagement in women's and co-ed institutions; and higher education trends reports.
  • Admissions advocacy The Women's College Coalition Website features its member institutions and makes the case for college-bound women to “add one to their list.” We conduct workshops and make presentations to college counselors, respond to media requests and provide support for the admissions marketing programs of our members.
  • Collegial Opportunities We host events that provide opportunities for collaboration and candid conversation among presidents, enrollment management/admissions staff, academic affairs, student affairs, communications/marketing and institutional research on topics of special interest to women's colleges."[2]

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