Wolfgang Katzheimer

Wolfgang Katzheimer the elder (German: Wolfgang Katzheimer der Ältere; c. 1430 — 1508, Bamberg)[1] was a German painter, draftsman, and designer. From 1465 he was master of a workshop in Bamberg that produced paintings and woodcarvings.

Augustus and the Tiburtine Sibyl (circa 1500) by Wolfgang Katzheimer

Very little of his work has survived: two stone carvings that he designed and 22 woodcuts based on his drawings.[1] No surviving paintings can with certainty be attributed to him.[1]

Katzheimer had two sons, Wolfgang Katzheimer the younger and Bernhard Katzheimer, who were both minor artists.[1] It is possible that he was a close relative of the painter Lorenz Katzheimer, who was likely the anonymous master known as Master L. Cz..[2]



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