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Wok to Walk is a fast food takeaway restaurant chain from the Netherlands specialized in wok stir-fried Asian cuisine.[2] Their food is served in oyster pails.

Wok to Walk
IndustryFast food
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Wok to Walk B.V opened its first restaurant in 2004 in Kolksteeg Street, Amsterdam. In September 2005 the then flagship store of the chain was opened in the central Leidseplein square in Amsterdam and by 2006 it had 4 restaurants in Amsterdam and created a new division, Wok to Walk Franchise B.V,[3] to start its international expansion. The first restaurants outside the Netherlands opened in Spain (Barcelona, Madrid and Pamplona), United Kingdom (London, Bristol and Cardiff), France (Toulouse and Bordeaux), Germany (Berlin), Lithuania (Vilnius), Estonia (Tallinn), Latvia (Riga), Bulgaria (Sofia) and Portugal (Lisbon, Porto and many others). Wok to Walk is also present in South America with restaurants in Ecuador (Quito) and Colombia (Bogotá) and in the United States (New York City and Newark). The chain also has restaurants in Morocco (Casablanca and Marrakesh) and in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh). In February 2018, the first restaurant in Israel was opened, located in Tel Aviv. Also Wok to Walk announced that they should be arriving in Malta just in time for summer 2018.


The company’s name Wok to Walk is a wordplay with the words Wok and Walk, which in English pronunciation sound similar /wɒk/ and /wɔːk/. The brand’s international classification is 043.[4]


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