Witikon is a quarter in the district 7 in Zürich.

Witikon and Zürichhorn in the foreground, as seen from Wollishofen (May 2015)
Witikon as seen from Alte Kirche Witikon (August 2009)
Alte Kirche (old church) and the small hilltop cemetery (August 2009)
The quarter of Witikon in Zürich.

It was formerly a municipality of its own, having been incorporated into Zürich in 1934.

The quarter has a population of 9,864 distributed on an area of 4.93 km2 (1.90 sq mi).

Witikon is located between the southwestern flank of the Adlisberg and the western flank of the Öschbrig.[1]

Aerial view (1949)


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Coordinates: 47°22′N 8°35′E / 47.367°N 8.583°E / 47.367; 8.583