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Wired Records is a record label based in Berlin. It was founded by Heidi Mortenson in 2005 when releasing her debut album 'Wired Stuff' with funding money from the Danish Arts Foundation. The label started out as a series of live concerts and DJ events called Wired Nights which were held at various venues in Berlin between 2004 and 2005. The events took form as a music playground for spontanity and testing of new ideas, and were described as fun, chaotic and original with surprise guest appearances.[1]

Wired Records
FounderHeidi Mortenson
Art Indie
Country of originDK
Official websitehttp://www.wiredrecords.biz/

2006 saw the release of 'The Wired Ones', a compilation CD featuring artists such as Kevin Blechdom, Heidi Mortenson, Dynasty Handbag, Angie Reed and Scream Club. All in all the compilation featured 16 women in electronic music, and was promoted with no announcement of the then unusual line-up. This was a countermove to a certain triple cd compilation coming out that same month, being promoted as the leading women in electronic music, although most of the women were not involved in the music production, which contradicts the making of electronic music. The Wired Ones record release party was held at Lido in Berlin and exceeded to the venues limit with 500 guests.

In 2007 Wired Records releases Heidi Mortensons sophomore album 'Don't Lonely Me'. The song 'Hurt Machine' gets picked up by The L Word and is featured in Season 6.

In February 2008, Heidi Mortenson released a limited edition of 300 handpainted 12" vinyls - a single sided EP titled Diamonds & Underwear. Side A featuring 3 songs and side B uniquely handpainted with detailed engravings. motheo[2]

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  • WR008 "Das Polyphone Rauschen" Mosh Mosh (2009) CD/LP
  • WR007 "Words" Gay Robot Lovers (2009) EP
  • WR006 "Rakehand Dance" Miss le Bomb (2008) EP
  • WR005 "Diamonds & Underwear" Heidi Mortenson (2008) EP
  • WR004 "Fantasma!" Noisy Pig (2007) EP
  • WR003 "Don't Lonely Me" Heidi Mortenson (2007) CD/LP
  • WR002 "The Wired Ones" V/A (2006) CD
  • WR001 "Wired Stuff" Heidi Mortenson (2006) CD

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