Wipeout Australia

Wipeout, presented on air as Wipeout Australia, is an Australian game show, which is based on the U.S. game show of the same name. The game show premiered on the Nine Network on Tuesday 3 February 2009 at 7:30 pm for an initial run of eight episodes. The show was produced by Endemol Southern Star. The show is currently being re-aired on GO!, a Nine Network multi-channel.

GenreGame show
Created byMatt Kunitz, Scott Larsen
Presented byJames Brayshaw
Josh Lawson
Kelly Landry
Country of originAustralia
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes8
Production locationsBuenos Aires, Argentina
Production companyEndemol Southern Star
Original networkNine Network
Audio formatStereo
Original release3 February (2009-02-03) –
24 March 2009 (2009-03-24)
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Potential contestants had to fill out a 14-page application and attend auditions in Sydney, which were held on 2 August 2008. The 160 successful contestants then participated in the filming of the series over a period of one week starting 2 October 2008 at the international Wipeout obstacle course, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.[1][2] Post-production began in Sydney in November 2008.


On 8 September 2008, it was announced that Kelly Landry has been given the on-location reporter role on the show.[3] She is the only one of the three presenters to actually talk with contestants and observe their attempts to complete the various stages of the Wipeout course.

James Brayshaw, a sports presenter for the Nine Network, and actor Josh Lawson were announced as the two co-hosts on 26 November 2008.[4] Brayshaw and Lawson provide commentary from within a studio setting.


Wipeout Australia's format follows that of its American forerunner, although the initial number of contestants who compete in the first (Qualifier) round is 20, rather than 24. Thus only eight competitors do not advance, rather than the half who are eliminated in the US show. Most of the competitors dress up in a costume and act like they are that person.

The twelve fastest competitors to complete the Qualifier advance to the Sweeper round, wherein they attempt to maintain their balance on a 3m-high metal pole while a rotating "Sweeper" arm tries to unseat them. After six players fall into the water, the remaining six advance; the sweeper arm continues to rotate however, with the last contestant standing winning a A$1,000 bonus.

The remaining six contestants then compete in the Dizzy Dummy round, where they are spun on the titular dummy and then required to navigate a short assault course. One player advances, and the remaining contestants are re-spun until the four finalists have been selected.

The dizzy dummy had been replaced with the Dreadmill, where contestants must try to walk through the treadmill to complete certain task with obstacles.

These four enter the Wipeout Zone, and attempt to complete the major final course in the fastest time. The winner is awarded A$20,000 in prize money.


Episode 1 (Let The Games Begin!)Edit

Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier Sweeper Dodgeball Dizzy Dummy Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "The Hulk" Jack Anslow 3rd (1:23) 3rd 3rd 1st (10:13) (A$20,000)
2 "Pony Boy" Jarrad Greenfield 12th (5:01) 2nd 1st Out of Time
3 "Samurai" Andrew Leece 2nd (1:19)** 6th 2nd 3rd (13:57)
4 "Water Boy" Jon Wright 6th (1.52) A$1,000 4th Out of Time but Left with A$1,000
5 Geoff "Cougar" Coombes 10th (4:00) 5th Eliminated
6 "God's Gift" Adam Marshall 1st (1:14)* 4th Quit
7 "Cop" Daniel Rose 5th (1:40)** Eliminated
8 "Navy Girl" Jennifer Cartledge 11th (4:10) Eliminated
9 "Human Cannonball" Angus Tandy 9th (3:56) Eliminated
10 "Sexy Back" Cassie Kennedy 7th (1:53) Eliminated
11 "The Accountanator" Nathan Petrie 8th (2:25)** Eliminated
12 "Bully Beater" Lindsey Green 4th (1:30) Eliminated

* Adam Marshall became the first contestant to cross the Big Balls successfully

** Nathan was the first contestant to cross the Cookie Cutter; Later on, Andrew, Adam and Daniel were the second, third and fourth contestant to cross the Cookie Cutter

  • This is the only episode in which the final four were all male competitors & the only episode to have the 3rd round with all-males.
  • Other contestants include "Bus Driver" Paola Locardi, Debbie Reuben, "The Whole Keg" Erin Vallely

Episode 2 (A Wipeout Fairytale)Edit

Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier Sweeper (Ball Crusher) Dizzy Dummy Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "Buffman" Shannon Fowler 1st (1:34) 3rd 2nd 1st (06:17) (A$20,000)
2 "Tango" Tony Leoni 3rd (1:47) A$1,000 1st Out of Time but Left with A$1,000
3 Angus "Fish Fingers" Ingram 2nd (1:40) 2nd 3rd 3rd (07:19)
4 "Sister Bella" Isabella Leone 6th (2:07) Failed** 4th 4th (08:42)
5 "Rare Breed" Dan Ryan 4th (1:58)* 5th Eliminated
"Nurse" Irene Fangoulis 10th (3:00) 4th Eliminated
7 "Brother" Luke Leone 5th (2:00) 6th Withdrew**
8 Gail "Very Tinkerbell" De Costa 7th (2:34) Eliminated
9 "Parking Cop" Merridy Carin-Duff 8th (2:45) Eliminated
10 "Astrologer" Renee Gadd 12th (3:24) Eliminated
11 "Rock Star" Nick Cushen 9th (2:47) Eliminated
12 Will McKinnon 11th (3:13) Eliminated

* First to cross the Sucker Punch.

** Before the start of the dizzy dummy Luke Leone quit the competition so Bella Leone replaced him.

  • Other contestants include "MC Cassie" Cassandra Gray, Emma "The Wicked Witch" Connolly

Episode 3 (Fight Hugs)Edit

Competition: Finals
Week: All-Ball Qualifier Sweeper Dizzy Dummy Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 Ryan "Tom Cruise" Newland 2nd (1.31) 2nd 1st 1st (4.57) (A$20,000)
2 Kane "Mikey" Broadrick 1st (1.28) A$1,000 2nd 2nd (11.18) (A$1,000)
3 Beth "Fight Hug" Reid 9th (3.10) 6th 4th Out of Time
4 Shane "Metro" Mann 8th (3.02) 4th 3rd 4th (16.50)
5 Caroline "Disco" Durston 5th (2.35) Failed* Eliminated
6 "Queenslander" Shane Ellis 4th (2.29)** 3rd Quit*
"Swim Coach" Natalie Maclarn 10th (4.02) 5th Quit*
8 Stephen "Bingo" Abela 11th (5.34) Eliminated
9 David "Nocky" Hennock 7th (3.01) Eliminated
10 "Purple Policewoman" Kirsteen Stewart 12th (6.11) Eliminated
11 "Personal Trainer in the Mud Pit" Amelia Patomaki 6th (3.00) Eliminated
12 "Netball Champ" Lisa Ellis 3rd (2.11)** Eliminated
  • Shane Ellis and Natalie Maclarn withdrew before the 3rd heat of the dizzy dummy, so Caroline Durston replaced them.
    • Shane Ellis and Lisa Ellis are not related.
      • Sam Gaskell was shown to be moving on, but was replaced by David "Nocky" Hennock
  • Other Contestants Include "Lady Bowler" Alison Wallace, "I.T Help Desk" Sam Gaskell, Suryadi Lee "Big" Bill Fitzgerald

Episode 4 (The World's Fastest Time)Edit

Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier Sweeper (Toothbrush) Dreadmill (Doors) Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "Herr" Chris Rudduck 2nd (1.10)* A$1,000 1st (0.37)*** 1st (5.26) (A$21,000)****
2 "Excito" Matthew Earle 3rd (1.18)** 2nd 3rd (1.56) Out of Time
3 "Let's Get Physical" Renee Bradford 9th (3.40) 6th 4th (3.09) 3rd (8.24)
4 "Country Boy" Josh Anderson 6th (2.51) 4th 2nd (1.22) Quit
5 Scott "Scotty Six Toes" Hubbock 1st (1.01)* 5th Eliminated (3.13)
6 "Nat with the Tats" Natalie Richardson 4th (2.12) 3rd Quit
7 "Call Center Girl" Penny McMulin 10th (4.12) Eliminated
8 Sharon Carson 7th (2.54) Eliminated
9 "Blondie" Tamara Drybec 5th (2.30) Eliminated
10 "Cheerleader" Fabiola Aguirre 8th (3.01) Eliminated
11 "Suit Man" Josh Hawkins 12th (4.29) Eliminated
12 "Ambo Driver" Bill Skelly 11th (4.22) Eliminated

* Scotty became the second to cross the Big Balls (Adam Marshall was first) and was the first to cross the Block Swing. He also posted the fastest qualifier time set on Wipeout Australia. Later, Chris was the second contestant to cross the Block Swing.

** Dubbing himself as a superhero "Excito", Matthew became the second contestant to past the Sucker-Punch (Dan Ryan was first).

*** Chris Ruddock posted in the Dreadmill one of the fastest time ever on the Wipeout course history.

**** Chris was the first contestant to cross the Spinner on the first try.

  • Other contestants "Salad Dodger" Keiron Summers, "Avon Lady" Lynn Stepkopadus, "Life Coach" Jane Holloway

Episode 5 (Someone's Sack Is Leaving The Pack)Edit

Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier Sweeper (With Sacks) Dizzy Dummy Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "Gentle Giant" Tim Watts 1:52 (4th) 2nd 2nd 1st (3:02) (A$20,000)
2 "The Decorator" Lisa Masden 2:40 (8th) 6th 3rd Late Finish **
3 "Eco Warrior" Sara Hely 2:39 (7th) 4th 1st 3rd (3:41)
4 "Ladies Man" Lockie McDonald 1:30 (1st) 3rd 4th Out of Time
5 "Surfer Dude" Miles Cattman 1:37 (2nd) A$1,000 Eliminated but Left with A$1,000*
"The Lifesaver" Naomi Flood 2:09 (6th) 5th Eliminated
7 Bridgette Starr 2:41 (9th) Eliminated
8 "Birdman" Jamie Kelso 2:59 (12th) Eliminated
9 Ritchie Gibson 2:50 (10th) Eliminated
10 Adam "Malcolm in the Middle" Malcolm 1:59 (5th) Eliminated
11 "Pocket Rocket" David Clarke 2:56 (11th) Eliminated
12 "Bucket List" Candice Boyd 1:46 (3rd) Eliminated

* Miles Cattman is the first to win the sweeper but get eliminated on the 3rd round

** Lisa was the second contestant to cross the spinner on the first try

  • Other contestants include "Mum Of Two" Mel Gosling-Smith, "Chef" Victor Sherri, "Old Ball" John Woishuk, "Powding Princess" Veronica Yacoub, Kristine Chie

Episode 6 (The Tube)Edit

Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier Sweeper (Hoop) Dreadmill (Tube) Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "The Perfect Specimen" Seamus Rodden 2:01 (4th) 3rd 1st (1:45) 1st (2:52) (A$20,000)*
2 "Golden Guns" Marisa Heuttner 3:10 (10th) 4th 3rd (2:12) 2nd (3:13)
3 "Skater Boy" Chris Elder 1:26 (1st) A$1,000 4th (3:02) 3rd (3:34) (A$1,000)
4 "Big Cat" Robbie Doyle 1:39 (2nd) 5th 2nd (2:11) Out of Time
5 "Breakdancing Big Al" Alexander Mesa 3:02 (9th) 2nd Eliminated (3:40)
6 "The Count" Robert Vanderpluym 3:30 (12th) 6th Quit
7 "The Female Jim Carrey" Jordana Cashman 2:13 (6th) Eliminated
8 Phillipa Robinson 3:00 (8th) Eliminated
9 "Drag Queen" Gerard Robinson 1:57 (3rd) Eliminated
10 "School Teacher" Kay Redding 3:29 (11th) Eliminated
11 "G.I." Jody Collier 2:51 (7th) Eliminated
12 "Ex-Bikini Model" Tianne Hawkins 2:11 (5th) Eliminated
  • Seamus Rodden posted the fastest Wipeout Zone time this season. He was also the third contestant to cross the spinner on the first try
    • Al Mesa was the only person to come 2nd on the sweeper and fail to make the wipeout zone.
  • Other contestants include "Belly Dancer Bon Bon" Bonnie Harrison, Naomi "The Mouseketeer" Whatman, "Rock Chick" Georgia Harlow

Episode 7 (The First Finalist To Get Last In Every Round)Edit

Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier Sweeper (Fly Screen) Dizzy Dummy Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "Demolition" Dave Marschall 1:46 (4th) 2nd 1st 1st (4:03) (A$20,000)*****
2 "Strategy Man" Ed Mulvey 1:34 (1st) 4th 2nd 2nd (4:29)*****
3 "Rubber Woman" Jane Altschwager 3:10 (12th) 6th 4th** 3rd (5:44)
4 "Dark Horse" Kobie Mulligan 1:46 (3rd)*** 5th 3rd Quit
5 "Circus Wannabe" Lisa Talianna (Age 27) 2:23 (10th) 3rd Eliminated
"Loudmouth" Layton Mills 1:57 (5th)* A$1,000 Eliminated but Left with A$1,000
7 Brett Garland (Age 23) 2:02 (7th) Eliminated
8 "Foot Model" Rob Stanley 2:38 (11th) Eliminated
9 "Barman" Simon Harari 2:01 (6th) Eliminated
10 "Bighead" Rob Green 1:36 (2nd) Eliminated
11 "Mom of Two" Karen Black 2:10 (8th) Eliminated
12 "Firefighter" Linda Wilton 2:16 (9th) Eliminated
  • Only contestant to cross the Wall Swing successfully
    • Only contestant to cross the Balance Beams
      • First finalist to qualify last in every round
        • Ed and Dave are the forth and fifth contestants to cross the spinner on the first try
  • Other contestants include "Dr X" Shane Dunn, "Brunette Britney" Kailei Ginman, "Super Heavy Weight Martial Artist" Blake Mitchell, "Luck Of The Irish" Ashlyn O'Haegan, "Genie" Guy Hook, "Mum Of Four" Kelly Cannalire

Episode 8 (The Dogdeballer Is Unstoppable!)Edit

Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier Crusher Dreadmill (Wrecking Ball Basket) Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "Dodgeball" Dan Bennett (Age 25) 1:28 (1st) 6th 3rd (2:46) 1st (6:20) (A$20,000)*
2 "The Kid" Jordan Mueck (Age 18) 1:35 (2nd) 4th 2nd (2:12) Out of Time
"Ballerina" Melanie Andrews (Age 26) 2:40 (8th) 5th 4th (3:29) Out of Time**
"Soccer Head" Andrew Boothe (Age 25) 1:44 (3rd) 2nd 1st (1:12) Out of Time
5 "Unlucky in Love" Andrew Stephenson (Age 32) 3:52 (12th) A$1,000 Elimanted (3:37)
"Captain" Robert James Cook 2:58 (9th) 3rd Eliminated (3:46)
7 Jackie Buckthought 2:22 (7th) Eliminated
8 "Personal Trainer" Jennifer Boyd (Age 36) 2:20 (6th) Eliminated
9 "The Hostess with the Most-ess" Corrine Taylor (Age 24) 3:06 (10th) Eliminated
10 "Redhead" Angela Southern (Age 23) 2:10 (5th)* Eliminated
11 "Warrior Princess" Sarah Ciantar-Goold 3:35 (11th) Eliminated
12 "The Wookiee" Shane Arthurson 2:00 (4th) Eliminated
  • Crossed the Big Balls
    • This is the only episode that only one contestant has completed the Wipeout Zone (Dan Bennett)
      • Melanie was the sixth and final to cross the spinner on the first time.
  • Other contestants "King Ibby" Ibrahim Guney, Dave Hoffman, "Pastor" Rachel Riddington, "Cat Woman" Helen Pisani


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