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The Winnipeg Folk Festival is a summer folk music festival held in Birds Hill Provincial Park, near Winnipeg, Manitoba. It features a variety of folk artists from around the world, as well as a number of local artists.[1]

Winnipeg Folk Festival 2006

Begun by Mitch Podolak, Colin Gorrie, and Ava Kobrinsky in 1974[2] as a celebration of Winnipeg's centennial, the festival itself has grown into an event with attendance of over 80,000 throughout the four days each year. The festival is held over the second weekend of July, beginning on Thursday night and running through Sunday night.



The festival offers a wide selection of music over the four-day festival. Throughout the year the organization facilitates the Hear All Year concert series.

Festival programmingEdit

There is a large variety of music at the festival, including bluegrass, Celtic, world, blues, roots, indie folk, Americana, folk rock, gospel, old time, French Canadian, contemporary singer-songwriters, and children's performers.

The festival offers programming for children and families.


In addition to music, vendors at the festival sell food, shopping, and art. Meals at the "Food Village" are served on compostable plates.[3]


Over 2,800 volunteers work at the festival each year on one of 40+ crews. [4]


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