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Winnipeg was a federal electoral district in Manitoba, Canada, that was represented in the House of Commons of Canada from 1882 to 1917.

This riding was created in 1882 from parts of Selkirk riding.

It was abolished in 1914 when it was redistributed into Winnipeg Centre, Winnipeg North and Winnipeg South ridings.

It consisted of the city of Winnipeg and the municipality of Fort Rouge.

Election resultsEdit

Canadian federal election, 1882
Party Candidate Votes
Conservative SCOTT, Thomas 491
Unknown CONKLIN, E.G. 385
Unknown SMITH, W.O. 73
Canadian federal election, 1887
Party Candidate Votes
Conservative SCARTH, W.B. 1,754
Liberal SUTHERLAND, Hugh 1,746
Canadian federal election, 1891
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal–Conservative MACDONALD, H.J. 2,131
Liberal CAMPBELL, Isaac 1,622

By-election: On Mr. Macdonald's resignation, 4 May 1893

By-election on 2 November 1893
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal MARTIN, Joseph acclaimed
Canadian federal election, 1896
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal–Conservative MACDONALD, Hon. Hugh J. 2,961
Liberal MARTIN, Joseph 2,835

By-election: On election being declared void, 29 March 1897

By-election on 27 April 1897
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal JAMESON, Richard Willis 2,326
Conservative TAYLOR, E.L. 1,209

By-election: On Mr. Jameson's death, 3 February 1899

By-election on 25 January 1900
Party Candidate Votes
Labour PUTTEE, A.W. 2,431
Liberal MARTIN, E.D. 2,423
Canadian federal election, 1900
Party Candidate Votes
  Independent Labour PUTTEE, Arthur W. 3,441
Independent MARTIN, Ed. Daniel 2,258
Canadian federal election, 1904
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal BOLE, D.W. 4,308
Conservative EVANS, W.S. 4,032
Labour PUTTEE, Arthur W. 1,290
Canadian federal election, 1908
Party Candidate Votes
Conservative HAGGART, Alexander 8,747
Liberal CAMERON, Douglas C. 6,729
Socialist HOUSTON, John Donald 1,977
Canadian federal election, 1911
Party Candidate Votes
Conservative HAGGART, Alexander 12,754
Liberal ASHDOWN, James Henry 8,049
Socialist RIGG, Richard Arthur 2,325

By-election: On Mr. Haggart's resignation, 11 October 1911

By-election on 27 October 1911
Party Candidate Votes
Conservative ROGERS, Hon. R. acclaimed

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