Wind of Freedom

Wind of Freedom (Russian: Вольный ветер) is a 1961 Soviet comedy film directed by Leonid Trauberg and Andrey Tutyshkin.[1][2][3][4]

Wind of Freedom
Russian: Вольный ветер
Directed by
Written by
  • V. Krakht
  • Viktor Tipot
  • V. Vinnikov
CinematographyArkadi Koltsaty
CountrySoviet Union


The film takes place in a small port city in the South. The fascists left this place, as a result of which there was no one on the port quay. The port owner, George Stan, who collaborated with the Nazis, also left the city, but returned when he received the support of the authorities, and work began again in the port. Sailor Yango and his beloved girl named Stella are getting ready to start a family, and Georg in this time asks the girl's hands and hearts and with the help of deception he seeks a positive response. She learns that Stan has deceived her and runs off to Yango. And suddenly they find fascist weapons in the hold boxes...[5]



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